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  1. The servers are cluster! Plenty of places to build come check it out! We already have the Extinction server up and running. We're on Xbox but you can play on the Windows 10 Version of Ark through your PC as well. As far as ping I cannot give a for sure answer on that but you could definitely give it a shot! Please let me know if you have anymore questions! Fastest way for us to respond is through our website www.Team6ixGaming.com or our Discord! https://discordapp.com/invite/DjyFP6V Bumpity bump!
  2. Hello UndeadDragon, It is only PvE, but tribes do have the option to start tribe wars so you can still PvP. Server names are Team6ixGaming.com (Ragnarok) and Team6ixGaming.com (The Island) all you have to do is type team6 in the search box and our servers will pull up. We will also be getting an Extinction server. Bumpity bump!