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  1. What up MrAsmodeus! My name is Anthony Srey | 29y | located in Austin, TX USA | Full-Time job (work from home) - off on WEDs/SATs. I have all maps too - but not have played on all them yet Discord: SirxSrey PSN: Sir-Srey I'll try and find you on Discord rn
  2. I'm looking to put together a new team for smalls - my PSN: Sir-Srey I made a recent post here so you can see a little about myself -
  3. YOOO! I'm looking to play with other players - adults (perf 18-25+) capable of mature communication & who open to teaching others what they know while being open to learning as well. ARK can get people really upset or stressed when something bad happens - AND I GET IT - but DO NOT direct your frustration to your team/tribe-mates, it doesn't change anything or help with the recovery/rebuild process WE ALL have to go thru. WE rise - we fall - and rise again TOGETHER! About me: Anthony Srey | 29 | located in Austin, TX USA | Full-Time job (work from home) - off on WEDs/SATs. I'm on PS5 + have a mic (but can only chat at night) I'm pretty good at: farming/grinding efficiently for resources Dino taming building bases/traps organizing storage & crafting stations Not so good at: breeding - I've had some practice in PVE, but not have had enough growth in PVP to try breeding (getting wiped every 3 or so days) raiding/pvp fighting (even tho it's PVP - I try to stay friendly with everyone I can, unless they throw the first punch) BASICALLY - If you're like me, you like ARK & tired of playing solo PVP and wanna put down some strong roots and grow with a group of people, then let get grinding! If this seems like something for you - let's talk, drop your PSNs! Thanks, Anthony Srey
  4. QUESTION! I'm still pretty new to ARK - about a month or so new (got the game when it became free on PSN+). I was able to learn enough to play and enough to START my own server... MY QUESTION IS... do these events that ARK posts happen on my server (unofficial PC session - by Nitrado)? I don't have anything crazy or mods, just some simple stat and xp multipliers.
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