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  1. maaan i love you guys..you work so hard behind this game.. and i love this game...i don't mind paying for the DLC..hell i payed $18 for ark and got 600 hrs + of gameplay out of it, spending $20 on something that i'll get close to 100+ hrs pleasure doesn't bother me a bit... But personally i felt kinda cheated though, i mean i thought "couldn't they have spent that time optimizing the main game, fixing the building mechanics" and few other things but that is a long list...let's talk about these i have an ok rig, a fx6300 8gbs ram a gtx 1070 a 240gb ssd a 1tb hdd..i max every setting a
  2. maaan i really want o see what the Redwood biome will look like i'm so excited i'll have a new place to explore!!!
  3. i need this can i has it? i want it now!! please?!!
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