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  1. maaan i love you guys..you work so hard behind this game.. and i love this game...i don't mind paying for the DLC..hell i payed $18 for ark and got 600 hrs + of gameplay out of it, spending $20 on something that i'll get close to 100+ hrs pleasure doesn't bother me a bit... But personally i felt kinda cheated though, i mean i thought "couldn't they have spent that time optimizing the main game, fixing the building mechanics" and few other things but that is a long list...let's talk about these i have an ok rig, a fx6300 8gbs ram a gtx 1070 a 240gb ssd a 1tb hdd..i max every setting ark has in online play any day, but single player makes my rig feel like a potato i get like 15 to 20 frames...and building in ark is poop!! specifically placing something and it ends up somewhere completely different..normally that's ok it might just be lagg right?? it happens in freaking singleplayer too!!! you know what was worse? the two exciting things that was expected for the 246 patch got pushed back (ansel support was an amazing surprise though) but i had nothing new to play with after a month of waiting, that means i have to wait again till i get payed (on friday) to play this exciting SE Expansion pack($20 usd is not much in america but in my country its $130 that is an entire week's commute and lunch) BUT that was just my personal thoughts and feelings for the first day after SE release (i'm kinda ok with it now, a lil excited for friday ). All that aside i personally truly love you guys Thank You very much for all your hard work and dedication SE looks amazing can't wait to try it and i'm' very excited for what's coming up!! can we please get a few more optimizations like a few months back? those small things made the game so much better or building issues fixed? i saw a ark digest where someone(forgive me i can't remember who) suggested using the scroll wheel to choose snap points instead of randomly selecting one... this would help soo much...
  2. maaan i really want o see what the Redwood biome will look like i'm so excited i'll have a new place to explore!!!
  3. i need this can i has it? i want it now!! please?!!
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