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  1. Sabele

    When will sotf come back?

    Its still 'running', but with the release of PUBG and fornite now, its not very popular. It hsa a player base of like 300 I want to say??? And you have to understand ark before playing ti, while the others are just stand alone fps shooters.
  2. Sabele

    Reaper King mutations

    Are colors like that really good on such a PvP dino though
  3. Sabele

    idea Ark survival: the edge

    Sounds good to me. Id be nice if there was an artic plains that wasnt completely frozen so you can live on it. No murder murder snow everyyyyywhere lol
  4. Sabele

    Ravager - Direwolf - Sabertooth

    I think having the saber have increased damage from certain angles could be interesting as well. I know many modern big cats stalk and go for the neck/back, so maybe it does 1.5 or 2x damage if it gets hits on those sections? gives a bit more strategy to the Dino face offs we have in the gam currently
  5. Sabele

    Baby Wyvern help

    Hopefully. I always raise the wyverns at the same time so you only have to go that week or so stressed and low sleep
  6. Sabele

    Pteranodons in the scar

    make sure the weight on the ptera is good though Don't get weighed down with 1 egg with wyverns on your back!
  7. Sabele

    Question about Wyvern's Egg respawn.

    It definitely produces eggs if there are wyverns. Many times you'll see a wyvern level and a matching level egg, so the wyvern being nearby allows the spawn container to spawn an egg. However there could be the issue of eggs sinking below the mesh, you might be able to add a mod or something to increase the spawns
  8. Yea I agree...If you happen to actually work and plan on doing something on valentines day with a s/o you basically have 5 hours to do all the event. Which on official is a night mare.
  9. Sabele

    v278 Giga enrage mechanic changes

    especially if they keep with the idea of the titans being an actual tame of one per server. Gigas wouldn't be able to take it, and it would mean another alpha would need to transfer server for a titan v titan attack, and gigas would be useless.
  10. Sabele

    Why do people hate Gas Balls?

    Early game the farm is real though. The fact that they only stack up to 10 per slot is such a waste i think.
  11. Sabele

    2 Rock Drakes from 1 egg, Jackpot?

    Had this happen from wyvern eggs once surprised since I had to go get more milk. Congrats!
  12. Sabele

    Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Definitely dire bears need ability to get honey from trees that are above eye level. Or maybe give thylas the ability as well? It would be fun if pachys could hit the redwood tree and knock the hive down some how, seeing as they aren't commonly tamed.