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  1. ive tried changing both maturation and and cuddle timer and while it does change the values it doesnt seem possible to get my desired result any longer. If I go with 8-10 minute intervals, like how it was, it now does 1% every imprint and thats just insane.
  2. This is crazy man on beacon .15 cuddle interval was 8 minutes with 1/10 of the imprint per imprint now .15 is 1 hour and 12 minutes with a slightly under 1/10 ratio per imprint. I dont have time to cryopod babies for days ect that is why I pay for my own cluster.
  3. Maturation and cuddle intervals after update Anyone else hosting an nitrado server that has had the maturation and cuddle intervals messed up after these recent updates? Ive gone in and reset the setting and servers several times but it does nothing. Cuddle interval used to be 8-10 minutes and it is now over an hour per imprint.
  4. I should of specified in the post that it is an xbox/win 10 server so I cant use actual mods.
  5. Help with unlocking tek at level 100 Could anyone check my ini files and see why my tek unlocks at level 1 instead of level 100? https://pastebin.com/qVzJPr7r Any help would be much appreciated. This is for an xbox/win 10 nitrado server
  6. I dont mean to bring this post back from the dead but ive tried all these options and none of them work for me. The only success ive had has been with the onlyallowspecifiedengrams=true method but then it doesnt allow any supply drops. Ive copy and pasted the full code for all the engrams ect and it doesnt auto unlock anything. I would really appreciate any help.
  7. 16x is staying for another week due to complications with drops as a thank you for members being patient and helpful
  8. Just redid all drops and took out useless items! starters in white!
  9. Ark Universe 6 map PvP cluster! Ark Universe 6map(Val, Ab, Rag, Ext,Center, Genesis) Weekend PvP ORP cluster! PvP with rules and goals of a community. Center has no orp 24/7 pvp. Genesis is live! PvP weekends only! Fast ORP timer through the week - Longer on weekends - one weekend a month purge- 5 person tribe limit No structure wipes allowed No tame wipes allowed Open world PvP can be done anytime Players stats changed are weight, fort, oxygen an
  10. Unable to find nitrado hosted xbox server Purchased a 10 slot val server for a couple of friends and myself but when I search the name nothing comes up. Has anyone had this issue? I've changed the name and restarted the server as the nitrado site suggests but still nothing.
  11. You have accurately portrayed the nature of my grievance. Posted from my SM-S320VL using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  12. I know this is constantly asked but can I get a time frame for the update? I'm from the US and in eastern time.
  13. We just finished raising lvl 162 spino twins! Now working on furthering Argent breeding and raising our first Direwolf! 

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