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  1. Im confused about this and seeing conflicting info. some people say PC folks will get to download to saved games. while xbox and ps5 would have to pay for servers in order to play their official games as single player. that sounds really convoluted and I for one and not going to pay to play my game as single player.

    If anyone has any specific info that explains that yes, concole users can save to single player or no, console users wont have the same access as PC users please point me to it.


  2. 23 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    Works fine here.


    THank you Joe. I see what the problem is (for me). See where the screen shot says "Drawn" that is where on Fandom it says "creature". and I did not realize the layout of the menu was different. and before anyone makes fun of me, yes I am sight impaired. and also I swear to all the dead gods that used to say "creature" as well when the wiki first came out. so YES I was crazy. lol but you just saved my sanity. thank you JOE!


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  3. On 6/25/2023 at 3:36 PM, AlbertoFlores said:

    It is better to use the doddex since it is more updated, although it would be very good if the Ark wiki updated all its information 

    dodo dex uses the old fandom maps. ark.wiki.gg is the newer and only official maps. just frustrating that whenever there is an update some of these data maps, including the creature spawn maps get broken. I thought it was me because Id refused cookies. was hoping anyone here was actually seeing the data, in which case Ive got some setting wrong still in my browser or the firewall. IDK. for me its been two months and Ive reported it 4 times. its done it before and miraculously will suddenly be fixed. I think what happens is these maps are maintained by NON employees and it only takes one mistaken buit of code for things to blow up. used to happen a lot with fandom as well. this I know, well having worked with, and coded my own stuff back in the day. literally can be just one little bitty thing out of whack.


  4. On 6/25/2023 at 8:25 PM, Pipinghot said:

    True, because that's not the page for dinos or resources.

    actually literally says spawn map and literally was clicked on from a page where the header says CREATURE spawn maps. choose the island.  or any other from the list. no data on resulting page. data meaning the menu for selecting dino locations on the map is missing. not sure how a creature spawn map isnt a creature spawn map.



  5. On 6/25/2023 at 8:25 PM, Pipinghot said:

    True, because that's not the page for dinos or resources.

    you literally just directed me to the exact same place I started and results in the exact same page I screen shot. nothing to do with where players are on a map. it IS A CREATURE spawn map for THE ISLAND. and as the photo shows the MENU is broken

  6. I appreciate the update. have just one question. which is why you are giving switch a month long summer bash while those of us who have been playing for YEARS are only getting a meager 2x for less than a week. thats not cool guys. especially as people are hanging with you waiting for our game to be erased. AND the new "update" delayed. Im oky with the delay man. but Im not feeling the love. if Im honest I feel like WC being kinda stingy toward PVE console players. BUT you know what...Ima just go right back to my single player which is set to 5x. no incentive to be on official whatsoever. how that plays out the way you are hoping WC.

    also please clear up what happens to ASE when the servers get shut down. Some folks interpetting you as saying saved games have to go to a dedicated server while others are saying no no, just have to save it to your computer, or xbox or PS5 and it will over write your single player maps. according to same folks that save to single player will also include every other players builds and tames saved in one massive instance. for which they will merely have to use admin to force the tribes into their own.

    this doesnt bother me. but I dont believe it. and I dont believe it because some folks complain when someone builds anything even remotely like their boxes. I can imagine the screaming going on when anyone on a particular map gets access to the whole thing to scrutinize to their hearts content.

    Like I said its all good. but I really really like to know the facts directly from WC. not just what is being rumored third party all over facebook, discord and beyond.

    again thanks for the update on the roadmap. appreciated.

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  7. Thanks to Joe for the screen shots that showed were my error lay this question has been resolved. Unfortunately I do not know how to close or delete the post. so hoping this lil message stops anyone else from wasting their time with alternate wikis. I love wiki.gg I just didnt literally see the change in the menu. AND YES I am sight impaired.
    thank you again JOE!!!

    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Old post please ignore

    As arks official wiki no longer works, or at least doesnt work unless you give .gg and all their associates access to your habits and personal data, Im looking for alternatives. I know, run on long sentence.

    I use doddex, doesnt have everything
    I use fandom, woefully outdated
    and randomly google and see lots of other options. however, no idea where they get their data or if its up to date. so hopeing other players have recommends. please and thanks.

    and WC, either fix the wiki.gg or take the wiki to a website host that doesnt want to abuse your users privacy. PLEASE.

    BTW I, with an alternate account, tried giving gg the access it craves but the wiki still did not show spawn locations for dinos or resources.

    wiki broken.jpg

    creature sawn map list.jpg

  8. I didnt vote this time but have to say Im pretty excited about the one that won. I personally feel maewings should debut with the island. but Im loving that the mae and this critter could work in tandem to help raise babies. been there done that for the 4am imprinting and never ever gonna go back to doing it!!!

    I love the fishing pole. AND can we infer the outfit and hair on the dude with the pole means we will get some ADDITIONAL clothing options?

    THE most exciting thing however, is the little bitty line indicating there will be news regarding ASA roadmap next week. Im on pins and needles. I cant wait to see what ya'll have to tell us. yippy!



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  9. On 6/17/2023 at 12:09 PM, Duffmek said:

    soooooo nice sand shark copy will wait to see its 'actual' 3d / in game version since the flying swimming new bug was oversized / undersized /shrug on the diagrams lol.


    lol hold up a min ... 'next wipe on beginner servers August 11' ...... hmmm why even waste the time wiping when you know its supposed to be shutting down later that VERY month  hmmmmm either not thought out, or is there something that they are not telling us lol

    I smell a delay on ascended

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  10. dont need more dinos. need more furnishings, food options and building textures. more bugs to be fixed. love to have better ways to build. said it before ... think about pulling in the things we loved in Cedrics Primitive+, as well as Ecos great things and so many other mod items the PC people have had access to for YEARS. give some of that love over to the consoles. none of these dinos is an addition to the current managerie. Love the buffalo though. still waiting for the cheetah.

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  11. I get why you do not want to or cant port everything we have over due to the way you are updating the game in U5. its not how other companies did it but thats another story. I DO believe you can copy our characters IF they are in data and upload them to DATA in ascendant.

    I for one do not want to lose all my stats. I do not and never have liked that the levels Ive earned are based on boss fights that I never wanted to do in the first place. I would not have minded if the boss fights could be solo'd on official servers but its not been my experience. Ive always had to go along with someone elses group. its not always easy to find folks to go with as MANY people want REAL dollars for doing boss fights.

    I want what Ive already done to be passed along so I do not have to do it again in addition to starting over with taming and building a base.

    I do not have you wild card. I love ark. just asking you to meet me in the middle as it were.

    btw I love WC. I do not love snails of any kind whatsoever.

  12. I have been testing builds on single player in preparation for the August release of Ascendant. Its been years since I touched that map but I recall what you build with can mean all the difference between being a bacon sandwich and living to eat a bacon sandwich tomorrow.

    Sandstone. okay so I built two bases. one with a very small building which has OPEN sandstone windows and an open front area. the sand storm NEVER gets too bad in there and I love that.
    however, because scorched is a dangerous map and I wanna make babies I am having to build a LARGE base box with behemoth doors so that my big tames will be able to get in and out. remember this is a test for reality. and its based on my past experience with other maps. for my tames to be safe I need to have them get in and out if they are carrying resources. and I cant have it open on scorched due to sand storms and other flying critters that might attack my tames n babies.

    wheras the small base, which is really maybe 12 by 12? is OPEN the bigger box is 20 x 20ish and completely enclosed with sandstone walls, sandstone windows and some greehouse walls because WHO WANTS a big box and not be able to see the outdoors.

    there is exactly one foundation in the bigger base where I can stand and not be affected by sandstorm. ONE FOundation.

    So please please please do not remove my ability to be safe in my little base with the open end but please fix it do a sand storm can not magically bypass walls, windows and behemoth gates.

    Ill add some pics as demonstration.  you can see in the big base that the scorched earth helmet is active. i.e you can tell that you are not protected when your desert helmet outlines the view in black. it looks just as dusty in both but I am protected in the smaller open base.

    small base.jpg

    bigbase sandstorm.jpg

  13. not sure why my post was moved here as a comment to a wide open landscape where none of what we are all saying is related or correlated. that should be changed. how can I see at a glance something I might agree with that someone else has already noted.
    also Im still gonna say after 5 years I should not still be naked in this forum. I have logged 6600 hours in the game and come here to show support and ask questions. its kind of off putting to keep being labeled like a babe in the woods.

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  14. 20 hours ago, wildbill said:

    I was also looking for different modded maps on steam a few days ago and found it very hard to find them.

    I think this is because the word "maps" when it comes to mods means more than one thing. Also there are just so many mods available (I think over 16k). The word "map" works better, but is going to return lots of false results.

    There is a filter just for Map, but doesn't seem to work if you enter no text. There does seem to be a problem with steam search at this time.

    You mention you HOPE that mods will be allowed on consoles. Have you tried the map named "Hope"? There is "The Volcano" too.

    yes agree steam search does not work properly. I have not tried any maps due to them not showing up in steam. honestly they need to make a new category for custom maps if "maps" is to be used for everything. I will look for "hope" thank you for the tip. Im gonna try what another person suggested which is to use google to search for custom maps on steam. so bad that we have to do that.

    as for mods on xbox. I know we dont have them now, but I had heard we would get them in future. just looking for someone who knows if future means with Ascendant or only applies to Ark2. seems to me with crossplay it would be a yes. however, maybe its only to be allowed for single player. IDK

  15. I dont see any mods currently being sponsored. is there a place to get a list of current mods that still work? specifically maps. Ive been on STEAM and every time I go there IF I click MAPS it delivers nothing. if I type maps in the search box what it delivers are not maps. and when I say maps I mean like Svartalfheim. which cant be the only map still available. if I didnt know the name of Svartalfheim I would not have found it.
    what search term actually works on steam. and if anyone can recommend some maps that still work and any mods for building or decorating give me your favs. got two months before they abolish my game I figure I might as well be on single player and go back to play on my PC instead of my playstation or xbox.
    please n thanks for recommends.

    really HOPE that mods will be allowed on playstation AND xbox. but from what Ive read its maybe only PC and Xbox that will get mods? and only on single player? I am okay with that. just love to tinker.

  16. appreciate the new images. but would like the option to use either the old thatch style for roofs and floors as well as the proposed new. I like the fluffier style because it reminds me of ancient rooftops like you might find in jolly old england. the flatter texture might be great for floors as well. but I know my chickens, er my dodos really love the current thatch floor.

    I would like my thatch and wood NOT to decay any faster than stone or metal. I dont build in metal because its pretty. but only because I have no choice with current decay rates.

    defo like new doors. STILL WANT MY goodies FROM Primitive plus. my juicer, bread oven, small black vault, in short ALL of the primitive furnishings.

    we do NOT play ark just for the dinos. we build and we love to decorate. we need some of ECOs love with plants etc. seen so many cool things possible when I check out mods on my pC. but I do not like to play on my PC I like to play on my xbox or ps5.

    you want me to pay for the game again...AND wait a year to regain my fav maps...okay...but give me ALL my primitive plus goodies as well.

    and my characters complete with stats. gonna keep saying that because its a real sticking issue for some folks who have left the game. No body wants to have to do those boss fights over again.

     Im holding out hope, for my character to get transferred,  cuz ima a dreamer.

    again, thank you for the update images. looking forward to seeing more of ASA to come in the weeks ahead as we move toward ASA deployment in AUGUST 2023.


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  17. happy anniversary! thank you for a great and encouraging update. looking forward to ASA. Please carry over our characters from ase to asa. I dont mind to lose my 42 cryo fridges of dinos or my hard won land and much loved fjorder base...last week gave everything away. could no longer bear to play on a dead map. most days I was the only one there. 

    Put my characters in data. now clinging on to single player. testing base builds. looking for that new bug... mosquito? Sent link of that fantastic video to my bro. got him excited again for new days and ASA.

    hoping august delivers.

    would love to keep my characters and their stats. please n thank you.

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  18. concept art for ark2? not interested in ark2. not interested in your souls game play.

    want to see WHAT you are actually doing to make ascendant worth the money I already paid for ASE. which by the way was in the 100s as I paid for every single DLC in addition to the game. And stupidily started on PC. stupidly bought it for PSN. then not knowing Ark2 was going to be a format I did not want to waste my time on had purchased the game yet again for xbox. actually only bought the xbox because I had dreamed of Ark2 being a fixed and advanced ark 1. If I had known..."souls like" I could have saved so so so much money.

    Not sure why Im here even bothering to look for news on ASA. I absolutely do not believe its happening this year. and so far, seeing nothing to warrant it being a paid for "upgrade".

    I am constantly looking for an alternative to ASE. so far no one comes close to ASE. and those that might are those kinds of seed maps no one wants to be a part of. not even as a single player. 

    with ASE shutting down its no use playing a dead game. I keep hoping...but all these nothings do not make me believe WC anymore. or really, I should say no longer believe "the SNail" as SNAIL Games is really who is running the show.

    Its ironic how slow all the DLCs were to come out and none of us realized "snail games" meant WC was being held hostage at a "snails pace".

    I feel bad for the WC devs getting terrible things said about them all these years. when all the while its not WildCard its Snail games. Hoping WC survives this snail game fiasco. WC IS why there was anything good about ASE. the bugs, I think are safely laid at the snails door.


  19. thought we were supposed to get a cheeta as per a prior vote from earlier this year? As for trees, Id Like to see some of ECOs nature mods etc get put into ascended as standard. TBH ASE has always been TOO BARE bones when it comes to allowing players to be more creative with our bases/homes and or allow for any kind of individuality. so really, wanna remaster? thats fine just ADD some stuff too. dont be like warcraft and just remodel existing and call it new in the next chapter. that why I quit WOW it never ever changed the basics. just altered the skin. Hoping for so much more from Ascended. Looking forward to the next peek. hoping its an addition not a reskin.

     Fasolasuchus like a thorny dragon with feathers instead of thorns? mmkay

  20. On 5/1/2023 at 3:12 AM, GP said:

    Timely news update? I mean the Crunch did release approx 3 hours later than normal but it wasn't that late. In fact you just said you missed the 2x until it was over.... well the 2x is still running, most likely for another ~7+ hours.

    How are they hinting that they are messing with the ASE gameplay?

    They won't be showing ASA gameplay until shortly before release, which is what they originally did for ASE back in 2015. That's how Wildcard operates. They aren't messing with anything.

    And they are no longer just porting to UE5, they are doing a major overhaul of the game. That will be beneficial for pretty much everyone that plays it. They have given no indication that they are changing the mechanics like souls-like or anything like that. The whole point of doing ASA and doing a major overhaul is to have ASA running parallel with ARK 2 once ARK 2 releases so that there are 2 games to play.

    The devs have already admitted that ARK 2 is going to be a vastly different game and therefore a lot of ARK players may not want to play it. Therefore they are doing ASA so that those players can still play ARK 1 but more enhanced on UE5. So they are hardly going to introduce souls-like to ASA when that is one of the main things that people may not like about ARK 2.



    you might have missed the part where they said they were going to be changing game play. for you that may be insignificant, for others it might just be a deal breaker. hinting at changing game play is yet another VAGUE statement used that is counter to the need for TRANSPARENCY.

  21. well thats odd. we looked for "news" on friday around 7ish pm and did not see 359. so we missed the 2x until after it was over. I even googled 359 thinking maybe my browser was caching old news. but nope. same old purple wyvern from 358. ANd ya know...with everything Ive built and slaved over set to be wiped out Aug 30 I just dont feel much like playing unless there is an evo event. So I said "lets just skip it" this weekend. Gee so thanks for that timely news update.

    as for waiting to reveal "ASA gameplay" ... what is that supposed to mean??? WE thought you were porting ASE over to U5 and revamping it a bit so as to justify going from free u4-to-u5 update, as previously promised,  to having to pay for it. but you are now hinting that you are messing with the ASE "gameplay"??

    Im waiting 121 days for 1 or 2 maps, and a year more for the remaining maps, because instead of porting over from u4 to u5 your changing the game play? and why is it the "comparison" of game icons looks like ASA is being given ARK2 game assets.
    Starting to sound to me like your merging Ark2 into Ark1 and if that means "souls like" game play instead of ASE gameplay...Im out. thanks but no thanks.
    Going forward maybe just talked about ASE and ASA without mentioning Ark2 in the same sentence and or paragraph. just so we can be sure what it is you are doing with our "beloved" ark1.

  22. looks like no news update for april 28 2023. is it normal for WC to skip a week or more?
    As for the dino vote...no offense but more dinos is not what any of us have asked for. especially not more of the same.
    what we want is all the goodies, furniture, building textures, tools, appliances, food stuffs, vegetables, recipes, drinks...all of that AND more texture options for building pulled into Ark1. NOT another dino.
    also if Ima pay for ASA and be happy doing it...I want my characters and their levels to transport over to the new ASA. not sure how that would be done as Im not a developer. but having to redo ALL those boss fights just to get past level 106 is a deal breaker.
    Love YOU but...no.

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