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  1. I think one solution might be just to put a limit to placeable structures. Not a limit for player, a limit for tribe since in Official server there are huge tribes. Ark to be completed doesn't require a huge base, just a normal one and a breeding area. You don't need anything else. It's sad that Official server are blocked with pillars from tribes that don't play anymore. They just enter to full troughs, reset the decaying timer and then they leave for another 2 weeks or more.
  2. I think they won't since Helena and Rockwell didn't ascend killing the Manticore, they just used an obelisk. But that doesn't mean SE shouldn't have its own ascension, they could simply add a location where you can "ascend"
  3. Yeah you're right. I didn't think that to reach level 200 you need the levels from the other boss fights
  4. But if you say every creature that would be a limit for those who don't have the DLCs. So maybe you can add some levels for taming all the creatures on The Island and the remaining part for the other DLCs. Or add something new to include that part of players that don't have DLCs.
  5. I love the idea of getting 5 more levels from taming every creature. But could be a little more specific? You mean every creature on the game or only the creature that are required to unlock the zoologist achiements?
  6. I partially agree with you about what you said, because tek crop pods are also used for plants found on Genesis 2. There'd be no reason to make them an item of the base game since you need Genesis 2 for those plants. But making incubators part of the base game would be awesome since it'd shorten the time for mutations. It'd be very helpful officials pvp/pve players. I thought you'd need Extinction to learn the engram of cryopods, thank you for the info
  7. It would be very helpful and very nice to make egg incubators and cryopods items of the base game instead of DLCs items. These two items (especially cryopods) are used on every map and it'd be limiting keep them as part of DLCs for players who don't have access to those DLCs
  8. Yeah, I've started my sp months ago and I've always noticed the problem of metal nodes not respawning properly. I "fixed" the issue changing the rate of spawning, but I'd like to have the problem fixed for good so I can play as vanilla as I can.
  9. I disagree. Parasaurs work fine as they are right now. They're not useful in pvp only, but also in pve. They're a good carrying dino in the early game.
  10. I'm still trying to get some mutations on my theris army. But I don't think there's a way to get them faster if not for SS mutator, right?
  11. You can also make a trap like the ones you used for taming argentavis. Trap a wyvern, knock it out, open its inventory and you get 5 milk every time you knock it out. Make sure it's a female
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