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  1. can be cool if the console players can use admin comands to star the event
  2. Again overleveld the saddle, i think have it at lvl 45 is enough, btw a great dossier, i like to much i hope wild card see that
  3. cool, but i think the food is overscale, should be better have the saddle around lvl 50/55, and more inexpensive, why need all these thing to craf it? but i really like the animal too
  4. Valid point, you have reason, some people really enjoy hallowen event, my bad, i talk about a part of ark comunitty not for all comunitty it self, not only for my friends, for more people that think like me, but anyways i expresed wrong, sorry for that
  5. The comunnity only want Garuga123 mod Ark Additions the collection like oficcial mod in ark, not other time the hallowen event
  6. I think that can be so cool, becouse are the real creatures have a their own habitat on the island, but wildcard should fix the dinopheitecus, is to op that doesnt have falling damage, and his animation no have weight
  7. i love garuga works, i hope that wildcard finally add the mod to the game
  8. Can be cool if you need giga heatrh to tame it
  9. You have reason, he need that too but we need some more realistic design
  10. I mean i love the Megalania, but i think that ark need something like a Dragon de Komodo, a big Varano in ark. Something like the Megalania for Path of titans. Megalania can have a better poisson too and be a litle faster. Needs is a size increase and stats too, make him the most dangerous cave creature behind or matched with the megalosaurus
  11. I hope that wild card put in the game the new dlc and the Garuga123 mood, Additional Creatures: the collection
  12. i know that wildcard work so hard in ark 2, but please I play in Playstation 4 but i need one thing, put Ark Additions in ps4 only you need improve the spawns a little more, fix some bug, and you have 9 creatures for the island and other maps, the comunity love that, ark addition are the best mod im saw that i started playing in 2017, please wild card ark is my favourite game make official ark creatures like last mod of my favourite game. You can put lthat with the new carcharodontosaurus, if wild card can do that definitely this next parch can be the greatest free patch ever, the creator of this mod is good enough to only have to optimize it, the creatures are perfect they should be in the game for all plataforms. I wish Wild Card can do real my gamer dream. Sorry for my bad english, greetings from canary islands
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