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  1. It's fur. It's basically fur. It's referred to as "fur" by everyone who studies pterosaurs for the sake of layman's terms.
  2. 5.) Well Hyenadons aren't the same animals as modern Hyenas. Different group of animals, actually. 4.) The whole Bronto-Apato thing is a well-known fact, although recently Brontosaurus has been reclassified as a valid genus yet again as of two years ago or so. Which is great because "Thunder Lizard" is a cool as Hell name 3.) Frill is dumb and superfluous. Adds nothing to the design. Might as well scrap it. Honestly the whole species should just have been made up as "titanoviper" since boas are constrictors and not, you know, venomous :. 2.) I don't see them remodeling the Pachy all so soon but yeah, a head truer to the real thing would be cool. The real life Pachyrhinosaurus has a badass looking. And is them remodeling a Trike any sillier than the current one being a Styracosaur hybrid? Scrap the Styracosaur elements and add Styracosaurus into the game. More ceratopsians the better! On the topic of the raptor. It looks REALLY good aside from those feathers on the arms and broken wrists. I really, highly encourage the devs to fix the broken wrist syndrome so many theropods suffer from and either ditch the feathers altogether and add quills as someone suggested, or add more feathers and give them fully feathered-out wings as raptors are known to have. It would really make ARK raptors stand out compared to the hordes of generic raptors we see in so many various dinosaur games.
  3. That'd be accurate if I said dinosaurs, but pteranodons (And pterosaurs as a whole) aren't dinosaurs And they did have fur, specifically a type of fur-like integument called "pycnofibers" all over their bodies. There's a great website all about pterosaur biology and evolutionary history https://pterosaur.net/ Always love me some pterosaurs, and I'd be down for more species introduced into ARK!
  4. Yes! I forgot in my post. Supinated wrists NOT pronated! And yeah I'm glad to see other people think the osteoderms on the sides of the body and neck plating should be ditched.
  5. I have no idea how people would react to this but here we go: I think we should change how players acquire a Rex, making it a rarer site on the battlefield. I feel that the king of dinosaurs is too easily tamed: just simply knocking it out and stuffing it full of food? Eh... I have two suggestions 1.) Make it so that adults can't be tamed, but you have to seek out Rex nests in the wild. Rex nests would be different than Wyverns, maybe wild Rexes could lay clutches of eggs of random levels you would have to seek out, scattered across the map. You'd open the nest up as you would a storage box and view the eggs inside, and take the ones you want. But the mother is ALWAYS close by and will chase you down and kill you. 2.) Wild rexes can be tamed by offering them a sacrifice/offering, like the Troodon, but less wonky. Bringing the Rex corpses to feed on or live dinos to earn its "respect" (Make sheep a secret favored food, as a reference to the goats in Jurassic Park maybe? Haha) and eventually it will like you enough that it will tolerate you enough, but as long as they're fed consistently. Tamed Rexes that have a hunger meter that drop below a certain point will turn on its allies for sustenance.
  6. Spinos definitely do not need a size increase. They're already longer + slightly bigger than a Rex. If you were to make them stand bipedally they'd look even bigger. We don't need any predators made larger than they should be like the Giga lol
  7. -The new Rex looks GREAT! I have some suggestions. 1.) The eyes should be more like the Yuty's or Allo's: more bird like, with round pupils! 2.) Remove the rocky scales on the sides of the body and legs. They look really ugly and don't add anything to the design 3.) Could we ditch the armor plating running down the neck/back? 4.) Make sure the fenestrae (The openings of the skull) aren't too visible on the sides of its face. Smooth them out just a bit more 5.) Better walking/running animations and posture. Default standing posture should be like the Allosaur's, legs directly under the body. 6.) If you make it able to roar while running/walking I will love you forever For the other animals in the game -I want Pteranodons to look more like real pteranodons. Fully fleshed out wings, fur on their bodies, proper headcrests, also they need some muscle! Their arms are way too shrinkwrapped and lack airsacks that real Pteranodons have. -Gigas need to be shrunk about 30%. They're way too big and I think nerfing their HP in the wild is a must to compensate. Smooth out the fenestrae on the sides of the head, and could we have more interesting color patterns on the body? -Spinos need a complete retexture. Smooth out the skull (no exposed fenestrae) more prominent nostrils/ear holes, ditch the extra fins on the elbows/behind the thighs/tail end. I'd like to see them switch between bipedal and quadrapedal postures. Bipedal posture would enable it to use its powerful arms. A claw attack would be wicked! -Plesiosaur models are pretty decent but dear God, THEY NEED NEW HEADS! Real plesiosaur heads looked badass. -Raptor models need better proportions. You could fully feather them up with proper wings like real raptors or make them scaly all Jurassic-Park style it doesn't bother me much. -Sarco model is awful. Could use a new model altogether and animations. Deathroll ability please? -Titanoboa model is okay but ditch the frill and could be made a lil' bigger? I'd honestly just call rename them "Titanoviper" because they're venomous, unlike boas which are constrictor snakes -Ankylosaurs could be made less spikey, and increased in size by 50% -Trikes could use a newer better proportioned model, made larger by 25% and be WAY more formidable. A Triceratops should be a very dangerous mount, even for a rider on a T. rex -Stego models have good proportions but I think the head could use a lil' TLC, maybe update the textures. I'd personally love it if you guys redid the plates to be more like the real Stegosaurus. That was always my favorite aspect of them. -Brontos could use updated textures as well as walking "sprinting" animation. A stomp attack with its front legs would be cool. -Mammoths could use slightly reworked textures and should be one pair of tusks that curve upward That's all I got. Thank you for updating the Rex model. I was so sick of its oversized head. It's gonna look badass in game!
  8. I won the video entry woo! Congrats to the runners-up that got featured your stuff was great too! Love you all <3
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