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  1. I really love the idea of another monke creature in ark because you can nether have to much monke and it fits well with the lost islands forest areas and mountains overall it’s cool

  2. I fully support this idea if they were to be added in for 2nd and 3rd creature!
  3. It could also have a pounce attack  that when it’s in a tree and someone is passing by it gets the spider vision and can pounce the player and it would attack by flailing its arms hitting the opposing player

  4. This one is by far the coolest and I hope it wins its a super cool suggestion 

  5. yours is hands down the coolest if they allow this one i hope they have the monkeys set up in the caves with guns or bows lol how do u vote anyway im trying to figuer that out

  6. hello in the dinophitecus dossier could you put that it can be equipped with weapons such as rifles please
  7. Is there something blocking certain users from editing their own posts? I checked with other users and they said they're able to edit their's. The three little dots on the top right of my post does not have the edit post option for me. Any ideas for a fix? Not sure if my account is missing something.
  8. 5.) Well Hyenadons aren't the same animals as modern Hyenas. Different group of animals, actually. 4.) The whole Bronto-Apato thing is a well-known fact, although recently Brontosaurus has been reclassified as a valid genus yet again as of two years ago or so. Which is great because "Thunder Lizard" is a cool as Hell name 3.) Frill is dumb and superfluous. Adds nothing to the design. Might as well scrap it. Honestly the whole species should just have been made up as "titanoviper" since boas are constrictors and not, you know, venomous :. 2.) I don't see them remodeling the Pachy all s
  9. I won the video entry woo! Congrats to the runners-up that got featured your stuff was great too! Love you all <3
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