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  1. Daspletosaurus spieces: Toros diet: carnivore Temperment: angry Wild The despletosaurus is a large powerful carnivore that loves to hunt humans. Ive found that they are completly amune to any tranquilizer dartes of any kind. They are faster than allos and bigger than them as well but much bulkyer than allos. They have better stamina than any other therapod that i've studied, they can run at top speed for miles on end and will to catch prey. they have an increadible sence of smell and can track anything for miles. they live in groops of 3-4 not inclooding the babys tha
  2. Sauroposeidon would be the biggest dino in ark. Even tho it is huge it is faster than than the bronto. It would live in the forests in here's of 9-13 with the males bigger than the females. Wild. Sauroposeidon is the biggest sauropod in fyorder (probably spelt wrong) and by far the strongest. If you piss it off it will flatten you. Normally they live in here's of 9-13. When a predator comes they hop up on their hind legs and stomp them into the ground. They have baby's that walk in the here's. They will use everything they have to protect their Yong. Domesticated. Once tamed t
  3. The pentocerotops would be the biggest of all the cerotopsins. It would have a saddle that has tank armor with armored spikes on the horns and frill to ram into bases to destroy things. It would also have a small turret that goes right beside the tank gun. It would live in cold climate or planes and would be different depending on we're it lived. The males would be bigger and have more colorful frills. The Arctic pentocerotops would have quills on their tales and be blues, whites, and greys but the planes one would be greens, browns, and whites with more armored scales. They would be tamable
  4. It Would have strong legs and would be faster than a trike and have a saddle with a ballista. It could have a very colorful and strong frill. It would be unlike other cerotopsins the males have long quills and tough skin that could be used to make armor. The males have big colorful frills and should head but to attract a mate. After they mate they lay up to 9 eggs that can hatch and will fallow their mother. They would live in cold climates but could go into warmer ones. In order to take one it would be an easy ish passive tame because it would only eat plant species x,y,and z seeds.
  5. https://jurassicworld-evolution.fandom.com/wiki/Qianzhousaurus I think it would have a stomp attack and a charge bite it would hunt in big packs of 7-9 and have nesting sights were a hole bunch of them lay eggs and that can hatch.
  6. The albertosaurus would hunt in packs of 4-5 and be bigger than an allo but smaller than a rex. It would be fast with a lot of stamina. It would do a dash attack that would hurt things if they got in the way. They could take down souropods by slashing and biting their legs. They could do a bone braking effect that slows things and makes them loose health. wild the albertosaurus is a large dinosaur that is not afraid
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