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  1. Uh duh. That's the whole point. And it's a joke. Why even have a offical mode if you are just going to ignore it...... let alone make a new map with dinos every 6 months to a year that absolutely breaks the game and wipes months to years of some peoples hard work?? Then not answer tickets, and again ignore it.... you know how you could fix that???? Raising the rates to where it doesn't take months to years to accomplish things on offical..... omg what a foreign concept....... ...... the people who come here and complain play offical, we don't care about unofficial. We started offcial the way it was meant to be almost 6 years ago now and want them to not ignore and mistreat it the way they do. Try spending a year on something and have it all vanish to a mesher, or other cheat(looking at you armored para). Cheats that have been in the games for years and they straight up ignore tickets. If they aren't going to care about offcial the could at least keep the rates jacked. How are you going to ignore one side but care about the part that would actually help and make offical better. Absolutely blows my mind. And for your information smarty pants, more people play in unofficial NOW because they killed it. Wasn't always that way.
  2. Not to mention you can still get cheated on unoffical too lol. What a joke. "Just don't play official. Wow. Can't believe on the games main fourm that's the answer to all the problems that plague the game. Oh just don't play the game the way it was meant to be played. Honestly the best hope is ark 2 fails so hard they are forced the sell the game to someone else, and a competent team gets it, but not many of those left as you can't give them even constructive criticism anymore. And let's be honest constructive criticism would have helped years ago. They've ignored it so long and let it go so bad it's killed offical. It's a shell of its former self. If you and admit that, you just started playing or haven't been around since the beginning.
  3. This is the main problem with this game. All the people who rush go defend the clownery at wildcard don't play offical, it's hilarious to me. Imagine being a game and unofficial servers being the only thing worth playing. It could all be fixed if whoever owns this company forced the devs to play offcial for a few months. Lol, bet my bottom dollar a lot of problems would clear up super fast.
  4. Lol just coming to that conclusion? Once they got bought by China and then hired and all woke squad of blue haired check marks and diversity hires the games fate was sealed. You can not critique them ever. They only ever answer or listen to people who have their nose up their rump and sniffing hard. So youtubers and people that don't play official. They ignore offical, constantly add in broken items that makes everyone lose months of hard work, to get 0 explanation and a hot fix that rarely fixes everything. But yet seem to jam dlc and new maps out np
  5. Same. The dolphin just goes nuts, can not control it. Someone said it was patched but still goes crazy and just slams into walls. Feel drunk when I try to do it
  6. Have been on 3 diff cross arks now on xbox and no ovis. 3 days now and have cleared the while highlands multiple times. Can anyone else confirm or lemme know if they see any
  7. Lol you can't give positive criticism or the unofficial bobs will attack you. Have to get used to it here
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