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  1. Sotf on xbox! SiCK to death of finally getting into a match, getting setup well with tames, THEN THE THING CRASHES!! 😭😭😭😭
  2. Game crashes every time i play today on xbox!! 3 hours ago, SharkLordSatan said: ARK 2 concept looks great, but I'm hoping we could get some information regarding the various bugs involving Survival of the Fittest. I crash very frequently from...basically doing anything, and I'm playing on PS5. Not to mention the Sinomacrops Glider doesn't work whatsoever, and I've heard that SOTF is causing issues for people playing outside of the gamemode, which is very concerning.
  3. Thanks for responding mate. Ive been playing on xbox for about 2yrs and until a month or so ago, only actual queen bees would spawn with no hives! Then on the island recently that stopped and hives finally appeared for the first time. Ive only seen 2 appear on aberration so far and one despawned before i could use it and the other was accidentally destroyed by my spino 😭. None since.....
  4. Guess its only happening to me. Another question though. Do beehive share spawns with other dino spawns?
  5. Gday guys, im wondering if anyone else playing on xbox has a problem with no hives spawning? Literally cant tame a rollrat with zero honey!
  6. Today i fought and defeated the manticore for the first time. I couldn't loot anything from the body and then the Ascension happens. It makes me re download my character back into scorthed. I have then lost anything i had on me! It gave me a flag and thats it! I run back to the red ob to find my wyvern army there but none have any element of trophy head! I did the fight again for the same result! What the hells going on?
  7. I know this is a beta or test mode you've released, guys, but all of us on console are missing out! Im on xbox and watching all the streams, chewing at the bit just to be able to participate. Please let us use the test model too!
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