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  1. The fact that it'll take your stuff when you die, find you once you respond and give your stuff back to you is game changing! My question though is why did they decide to give it a made up name instead of giving it the name of a real prehistoric bird like haast eagle? I thought that was the criteria these new fan made map creatures had to follow.
  2. Dam these dinopethicus look vicious cant wait to tame one, beef it up with mutations and call it sun wokung or somethin
  3. I still would've rather seen the Charcar but reading the amount of salty comments is always hilarious. I wasn't even on board with this creature coming to the game at first but with its new dossier it actually seems interesting. Getting mutations on its wing pattern will be dope and It'll be nice to have a glide suit that doesn't eat away at your armor durability.
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