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  1. I was here taming an onyc on the surface at the bog, and noticed all of the araneos were level 200+. These are some I found in the pic attached and they were even tamable. PvE official btw. (These are 2 different spiders in the pic, the 275 male tamed to 385 with spoiled meat)
  2. Funny that you mentioned Gen2-961, that happens to be the very server I'm playing on lol
  3. So I started playing Ark again about 2 weeks ago after a few years break. I'm on Official/PvE/PC and for the past week or so, the server I'm on has been constantly and consistently crashing and rolling back. Basically every 15 minutes, the server will have a huge lagg spike, then disconnect and disappear from the server list. About 15-20 minutes later, the server will come back online (rolled back a bit) and repeat over and over. For perspective on how consistent the crashes are, I filled an indie forge with metal Thursday night, and only 7 stacks have smelted by today, Saturday morning.
  4. I'm on official PvE, doing the high level OSDs on extinction give a ton of exp if you have a good giga or something. Otherwise, tek sleeping pod is the way to go. All of my levels from 105 to 150+ have just been mostly from hopping into the sleeping pod before I log off for the night. Also, it's probably not "legit", but there's that one exploit on youtube where you kill the dodo from one of the genesis1 missions over and over.
  5. Yeah idk, he just likes dodos lol. He even had a dodo plush on his car dashboard before he played ark. Also, is there a specific process to follow? I know when breeding for specific stats, people do all sorts of complicated stuff to get more than 20 mutations
  6. So, my brother has always liked breeding dodos, and now that we've moved to PvE, he can finally do it in peace. He wants to mutate a dodo as high level as he can. I only know the bare basics about breeding for mutations so here's my question: What's the most efficient way to stack a ton of mutations, if I don't care about mutating any specific stats and just want to get from tamed to max official dino level?
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