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  1. Here on the ARK forum if you go into Edit Profile there is only a "Playing on PC" and "Playing on Xbox" option but there is no "Playing on PS4" could you please add that? And could you guys make the alpha sea creatures blue, keep the alpha land carnivors red and make the (confirmed) alpha herbivores green! Just a smart detail Keep up the good work with the game -Bjarke
  2. Are you guys going to add the Tylosaurus?! Because in the Mosasaurus Dossier it says in the Domesticated part "Its slower swim speed makes the risk of drowning much higher when using Tylosaurus to reach oil deposits or silica pearls."?!
  3. You guys confirmed "Advanced Dinosaur AI", such as Dino senses, Weaponize fire making dinosaurs scared of it and Respect System! But not a simple Carnivore Hunger System or even a Herbivore Hunger System!? C'mon that is really disappointing guys! And having to download a mod just to get that feature is ridiculous! And you even said how easy it was to add that feature, why not do it?! But anyways I'm getting ARK for PS4 so if you guys could make a Hunger System DLC so we could get it in the game that would be nice...
  4. I think that some of the baby dinos should look a little diffrent! For example the Argentavis should not just be a smaller version of the adult one! It should be like the real life baby eagles white and brown and look more new born (and it would not be able to fly) And the same thing with other birds like the Kaikuru! And maybe should the Sabertooth baby look more like a kittin, and the Dire Wolf baby should be more like a puppy. And there are more that should have a chance but thats just my opinion
  5. I have an idea for the alpha dinos! The land carnivore alphas is red like the Red Obelisk (Dragon), the sea alphas should be blue like the Blue Obelisk (Megapithecus) and the land herbivore alphas (I have heard that is comming) should be green like the Green Obelisk (Broodmother). I just think that would look so cool
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