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  1. Compy fact: tarbosaurus is one of the most social tyranosaurs discovered living in packs of 3 to 4.
  2. Charconadnthosaurus has a very powerful bite is relatively fast will have a smell ability and excels at harvesting prime meat. What does your raptor do other than be a aberrant raptor that's harder to tame than troodon.
  3. And raptors would be a glorified troodon still I would like to see it in ark 2 though and if they just added carconadonthosaurus to ark 2that would do a lot in my opinion.
  4. Do your research you hekler carconadonthosaurus is the missing link between rex and giga and if they can do boss fights they will be the bane of the dragon.(before you say it boss fights are awesome and in solo play they prove our worthiness to go to other maps. (phlinger) )
  5. THE ALASKAN TROODON WAS A REAL CREATURE DANG IT! and everything Veloceraptor can do deinonychus can do better.
  6. Personally I think that wild card needs to focus on primal survival, and I know someone on pc is going to say you can do it already, but I am a ps4 player and before ark2 comes out, console players need to be able to play as a dino. Especially if there are AI humans you can terrorize and if they move through the stages like players do and don't even get me started on if they can tame you, just imagin if you fought the dragon as a dino.
  7. I don't usually agree with you on well, anything But, WE NEED CARCONADONTHOSAURUS WILDCARD!!!!!!!! Also just think about it monkey and carconadonthosaurus fighting together.
  8. Not to mention I don't think Henery Wu is on the lost island and if so he would make a giga-Wyvern hybrid. (Shudders) The mere thought is horrible. The indom would make lost island impossible.
  9. Compy fact: The tyranosaurus has the strongest bite of any carnivore wit eight tons of bite force.
  10. You obviously have forgotten about the carconadonthosaurus mod which is powerful and easy to put in-game.
  11. I can see where you are coming from, however, I looked it up and the sources differ. One source in 2017 said that troodon was not a species how ever, another source from 2019 said otherwise. Not to mention a series on sling I don't know if it is still there, refers to the troodon or at least the Alaskan Troodon as a real species. I can say I support troodon being a species.
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