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  1. No breeding x2. That's good. Id like breeding 2 x to occur a few weeks after transfers open on gen 2. You know after the transfer dcs and lags and crashes die down. That's when I'll be breeding again
  2. I wanna say I'm a water tamer and breeder. Sense before gen 1 came out that's been my focus in ark. But it's seems for water tamer ark has ended with gen 1. Crystal island and gen 2 had zero new species or variants and honestly I don't think lost island will have anything new there. Maybe 1 new specie or maybe they finally stop being lazy and add the mech mosa skin to be a actual tek mosa species. But it came apparent that ark has ended for me with gen 1. Nothing new to do 2 maps in a row. Kidna sad how they give water so little love. There r so manny more species they could add. Honestly I think lost island should have almost nothing new on land and a few new flyers and lots of new water weather it species or variants. Heck if we got tek mosa and a tuso viriant I would lose my mind in happiness and that be enough for me. Just sad game has offered nothing to me but increased lag that never gets better just gets worst week to week . And broken missions that are impossible to beat even on gama. Idk how if I takes 50.tries to best gama with 3 secs left how I could do these with less time on harder modes and it's not just me. Everyone is having issues. Even if I go to a server with like no one on. It's pretty impossible. And hearing I gotta buy a mouse and keyboard for a console to have a better chance is bs. I should buy none console stuff to beat a game on console. That's bogus. You should have you supposed coders to redo the missions for console to be designed for none pc controls. And add us some time on them. Exp star dolphin I don't think I can survive 30 secs and I got 50 to 100 attempts. I just need this after months of attempts on other missions. I know this one mission is holding up most people I know. Sad part is a bunch of missions r harder then the boss. That makes zero sense. Can beat gama boss with just a reaper clone. Ahahaha but u can't beat the stuff to access a joke boss. I get it was a game originally built for pc. But when you decided to put it on console. You did it like a use toy with so little care. So the it's made for console excuse is bogus. R u 5? Own it that you don't care about console and its more of a money scam with a getto rigged recorded vergin. Let me guess ur interns handle console. Lol. But seriously please consider giving us a tuso viraint and tek mosa finally and actually besides the ocean love console love. Don't forget playstation eveb tho I'm on Xbox. They also spent time and money and deserve your attention and don't forget to pressure your switch company. I hear it's far behind. All your cash paying players deserve love for playing this game that's been broken for years. This is only console game I play. So it cost me 10 bucks a month on Xbox for gold and i pay for internet just to play you game I bought and all the dlcs with it. So you game cost me money to play monthly as it's all I play. But there nothing for me to do but repeatedly fail star dolphin. As I pointed out you've giving water tamer nothing for a year and a half roughly the 2 maps time. I love ark but it's the game we all love to hate. Thats how broken console is. It's the game we love to hate. Because of all all stuff you never fix and it gets worse. Dc and lag. And ur delays and stuff that vanishes and so manny other glitches I could type for a hour how ark screws us. Heck people die in there bed and lose everything on them and thats not being killed or starving. Or the rocks I hit with a hatchet and get auto meshed somehow and now bag and much much more. Why would I buy new Xbox and buy ark 2? You give ark 1 no attention. You don't fix the lag. No u make it worse every update and every week. For over a year we been talking about that on my servers and chats. And 7 repeated delays that changed even day of with gem 2. And stuff always so broken. Several events uve messed up and didn't extend a week for it broken till you patched it. Because of all that I can't believe you think I should buy new Xbox and ark 2. Alot of people I know can argue well they fixed it all for ark 2. We don't care how ark 2 launches. Ark 1 use to work way better and keeps getting worse. We have no faith in Cedric ability to care. He only cares about pc players. We have no faith that 6 to 12 months after ark 2 launch tbat it will run smoothly any more. And thats a Track record you continue to earn with ark 1. I havnt been able to join gen 2 1535 well for days. Keeps auto doing me and kicking every 5 to 10 mins. My tribemate left it as he has had issue similar for over a month. He bought a dlc that you won't let him play due to w.e. glitch this is. It's actually same reason we left gen 1 along with our gen 1 allies. Both our tribes kept being auto kicked for months. I could take 2 hours to log in without instantly being kicked. This glitch was never a issue on map released between them crystal isles. Both gen 1 n gen 2 have it tho. You think im spending w.e it is between 500 and 1000 bucks to play ark 2 after buying game and console and I'd be buying a upgraded version when you take my cash and don't let me use what I paid for on ark 1? Idk what hard core drugs you be using. But it must be expensive cause I feel console ark it a scam. I regret ever trying it years ago and buying it. Cause I like the game so much and its so broken and it hates its users. I'm a 37 year old male. Recovering from surgery and I can't log on and play when I'm bed ridden for a bit. Thanks for having a broken game that instead of helping me relax n kill time as I bleed and hurt. It just stresses me out more. Thanks Cedric. Ur a douce
  3. I didn't vote or bother because voting is more of hey this tuber said let's vote for this. It rigs it and makes personal voting mean less. So unless my personal interests fallows a massive community voting the same It is pointless. I think every youtuber that suggested voting deserved a youtube strike. Btw devs your game is getting more and more broken on console. Our incubator had fresh eggs in it and thing flashed and all eggs r gone. My tek plot had gen on and fert and my meat plants did same thing my egg incubator did and it emptied. Those seeds r so hard I probably won't find any more. As I ain't seen a seed sense start of summer event. But the issue is lag gets notable worse on regular intervals. And it never gets better just goes down hill. This has mass quitting occurring. I've seen long time vets walk away lately. Cause lags getting so bad even some of us that delt with it worsen for years r done. Stuff dies. U can't claim babies. U get meshed into stuff walking and using a metal pick and you bag is gone and you can't get your gear back cause you got meshed into a small rock or something. When you destroy rock and still no bag it sucks. But ark just keeps getting worse. Missions r such bs ones like star dolphin r like impossible on gama. Gama. And the enforcer like races need more time cause gama is bearly doable. So you need to fix it cause most people can't can't boss and it doesn't come down to skill or trying its dumb luck with star dolphin type ones. I am part of a large group that will not buy a new Xbox to buy your ark 2 when released. We have no faith in your ability to keep stuff working well after launch. Ark 1 use to work good on consoles but over time you let it slip. Alot of my friends share my opinion. We have no faith on you guys keeping it running well 6 to 12 months down the road as you let ark 1 fall apart and then say how proud you are of it. You are probably of a broken game. You must love getting nut checked. Cause it's dumb to be proud of making a product more broken weekly or Monthly, w.e. That's moronic Cedric! U r proud of taking our money and giving us a defective product. I can tell you what you company is among the top ones I won't play other games from for being like this. It's ok if a released new thing has glitches and such. But to never fix it and just make it worse. Doesn't matter. If you dump glitter on poop it's still poop. If u spray perfume on poop it's still poop. Poop is poop and ark is so poop now. I'm a adult and I'm ashamed I've played ark and bought 2nd dlc and play a game you have zero care for it unless it's pc version.
  4. Finally made a account for this. I wanna say during event if I left render say to turn around on skiff or go up to check where trap is. The wild dinos would despawn a percent of the time. For a example a red white blue r giga 130. That was being dragged out of water and I flew up in lag and derendered and it poofed like it was never there or a console crashing doing that to. But WILDCARD you screwed water tamer big time with gen 2. You didn't give us a single creature or viriant. Going in the ocean is useless for players that have water tames. You couldn't give us that tek mosa which male be in lost island. Which no one I know is excited for another island map. But seriously not 1 new viriant or species in ocean on this map u where so proud of. Once I found that out I wish I hadn't bought the dlc. U should atleast add a viraint even tho it's a released map already. And if you think with you not fixing fixing tek troff showing range when it's disabled on every login and the bed glitch where I gotta jump to move 80% of logins with a 60% chance of freezing or doing qpoin joining while fighting lag lag ghili gloves hiding map and dc n lags n other issues u never ever fixed. That I will by new xbox and ur game and trust and believe ur keep it running smoothly more then 6 months to a year after release. Ur smoking crack! Cause ur dumb!!! U can't be trusted and all ur dlcs r never on time even day of with gem 2 we saw that. U r so incompetent that ur the reason I won't upgrade to new console. Ur only game I play anymore. So u got a almost 40 year old gamer to quit cause u just don't care that the product you sold us is like a moldy sandwich
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