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  1. No breeding x2. That's good. Id like breeding 2 x to occur a few weeks after transfers open on gen 2. You know after the transfer dcs and lags and crashes die down. That's when I'll be breeding again
  2. I wanna say I'm a water tamer and breeder. Sense before gen 1 came out that's been my focus in ark. But it's seems for water tamer ark has ended with gen 1. Crystal island and gen 2 had zero new species or variants and honestly I don't think lost island will have anything new there. Maybe 1 new specie or maybe they finally stop being lazy and add the mech mosa skin to be a actual tek mosa species. But it came apparent that ark has ended for me with gen 1. Nothing new to do 2 maps in a row. Kidna sad how they give water so little love. There r so manny more species they could add. Honestly I t
  3. I didn't vote or bother because voting is more of hey this tuber said let's vote for this. It rigs it and makes personal voting mean less. So unless my personal interests fallows a massive community voting the same It is pointless. I think every youtuber that suggested voting deserved a youtube strike. Btw devs your game is getting more and more broken on console. Our incubator had fresh eggs in it and thing flashed and all eggs r gone. My tek plot had gen on and fert and my meat plants did same thing my egg incubator did and it emptied. Those seeds r so hard I probably won't fin
  4. Finally made a account for this. I wanna say during event if I left render say to turn around on skiff or go up to check where trap is. The wild dinos would despawn a percent of the time. For a example a red white blue r giga 130. That was being dragged out of water and I flew up in lag and derendered and it poofed like it was never there or a console crashing doing that to. But WILDCARD you screwed water tamer big time with gen 2. You didn't give us a single creature or viriant. Going in the ocean is useless for players that have water tames. You couldn't give us that tek mosa
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