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  1. 4 hours ago, Aushegun said:

    PS4 - unofficial cluster - Abberration


    Continued trapping Reaper Queens in my quest for a Purple reaper baby. And while I was pregnant last night, 3  people logged into the map at the same time.  One of them is "Redneck Wife", who is the same person I gave all of my Valguerro dinos and base to on the old cluster.  Kind of weird to see her join this one too.  I asked her if she was quitting the other cluster, and she said no, jut playing both clusters at the same time.

    So I ask them what brings them to Abberration, and they said to get Reapers. So I tell them about my two unlocked Reaper Queen traps as well as the unlocked birthing room next to the trap. I then give them the coordinates.

    A few minutes later I notice a person building a trap and base about as close to my base as ARK will allow. (keep in mind this map has only been live for 2-3 weeks, and as far as I know there are only 4 bases on the entire map, with 3 of those being myself, Texas and California. So a very undeveloped map thus far.)

    "Umm hello, why are you building a base and trap to close to my base, and you don't need to build a trap, I have two public traps  right over there, you are like 75 yards from it"

    Other person : " well there is not much space down here, so we have  to just live with being near each other"

    ME: " there is a ton of space, and this is my main base, can't you build farther away, and there is no need for a 3rd Reaper trap in such a tiny area. Just use the public ones"

    Rude person: " My trap will be public too, and I'm only building a small base"

    Redneck Wife: " Yeah F*** it, we will all have to have our bases near each other"

    ME: " really? all of this open space, and you have to build right here?"


    At that point I just dropped the conversation, and continued doing my thing. then a few minutes later they stop by my base, asking me to grind some stuff in my grinder, and to craft some element for them in my replicator.  I do this for them, and then they take off, I later get a high level queen trapped and alert them about it in the chat, and that they are welcome to get impregnated from her if they want. Zero response from them. 

    At this point I was crabby from having these people and their rude behaviour, and I logged off.  I'm afraid to see what they have built when I log in tonight.

    You conversationalists are saints.  I'd have just geared up for war and dropped the hammer on them.

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  2. ORP is a participation trophy.  Want your stuff to be safe when you're not on, but don't want to take the time or effort to provide that safety yourself?  No problem, ORP has you covered.  It also offers the additional bonus of making me look at some quitter's abandoned piece of crap base for 12 days until I can finally raze it to the ground and make room for a new player.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Thyme said:

    I’ve had the best experience with unofficial ORP servers. You can play at your own leisure without worrying about the exploits/hacks of official. Unofficial servers are often less populated and often have other problems like being pay to win/corrupt admins. Just gotta search for what fits you

    Somewhat agree.  For one, ORP coddles the weak and should be removed IMO.  Also, I've played on probably 8 different unofficials in the last 2 years and never once experienced problems with admins.

  4. Only giga I've ever tamed myself was probably my most memorable.  Tamed it on an island, tried to lead it across the water back to mainland, it was killed by mantas.  Total tamed time was probably about 8 minutes.  It was over a year before my next giga and I just bought that one.

  5. 2 hours ago, SykoMikey said:

    Anyone els feels they completely broken the raptor now?

    This change or bug or features is crap why is it that every creature in this game works and function like expected but the raptor have the most broken mechanics ever. The pounce needs alot more tweaking please and this BS that they can knock you off a mount by just hitting it which is totally BS. Who am I kidding this is going to break even further wish I could get my money back this isn't fun anymore  

    If you're a perpetual noob, raptor pounce sucks.  Once you've spent a few points on health and put on some decent armor, it's a minor inconvenience at worst.

  6. 7 minutes ago, TheDonn said:

    I don't know but the raw amount of truth to this statement made me laugh.  Maybe it sums up why there is really no need for the ARK forums past griping?  Or occasionally trying to shill dinos for people?  Every damn bit of information anyone needs to survive is on Dododex, arkpedia, or YouTube.

    I get a lot more info from the forums than I do YouTube.  I'd rather spend 2 minutes reading a forum thread or pedia listing than spend 20 minutes listening to some british kid talking  over some horrible dubstep.

  7. I started solo with one other player in a private server.  We played for two weeks and still didn't know 99% of what was going on.   Our entire stomping grounds were about as large as a modern day tek base.

    Then I started jumping into PvP servers.  Took me about two months playing solo but watching and talking to other players to learn about all the other game mechanics, dinos, etc..

    One month in an Alpha tribe and I learned a ton about late-game content and real PvP/raid mechanics.

    2 more years of playing and I'm still figuring stuff out.  At this point, most of my advancements are related towards doing everything faster and more efficiently.

  8. 2 hours ago, MackTheKnife said:

    Why does everyone always use the “it’s just a game” excuse? These are real people playing the game and since this is a survival total free for all, it definitely tells you what kind of people they are in real life if presented this situation.

    You have the generally good people with the right amount of justice if they’re attacked. You have the sociopaths who backstab and scheme like Palpatine, and then there’s the outright psychos who raid and attack everything in sight but these types don’t last long. That’s when meshing started lol

    Because it is just a game.  Compared to real-life struggles like famine, disease, war, etc. the loss of our digital legos matters little.

    Is a writer who kills off your favorite character on your favorite TV show "evil"?  If so, how is what he did different than someone killing an Ark dino?  I'm willing to bet you've harvested your fair share of meat in the game, that's hundreds of virtual dinos you've forced your pet to slaughter and rip apart with their bare teeth.  Are you feeling the weight of those transgressions on your soul?

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  9. 10 hours ago, MackTheKnife said:

    And this isn’t a brutal game by it’s AI design, it’s the players that turned this game into the steaming pile of crap that it is. I can forgive a few glitches but there are some really evil minded people out there who play solely to ruin others experiences.

    lol "Evil-minded" is a bit over-dramatic.  For people who place a reasonable amount of importance on video games, it's just entertainment.  They're just simulating conflict, not trying to usher the dark one back into the human realm.

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