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  1. 13 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    there is a big difference between support and common sense, its not like this is rocket science.

    Unfortunately, business don't consider "common sense" when they determine their policies and procedures.  They use concepts like financial responsibility, budget analysis, ROI forecasts, etc. 

    You can argue that they're doing it wrong all day long, but the simple fact is that they will never be able to provide the kind of support players expect.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Meuhmeuhcow said:

    Yeah they're by themselves, maybe an argy nearby if we're making war maps for items instead of mats

    Makes sense, but how come previously, they were producing when not rendered (ie no ones online in the server) and now they're not?
    I could but would rather not leave my pc on 24/7 as well, just so the Gachas actually do their job

    YOU don't have to render them.  Someone else in the area would cause them to produce.

  3. What are you doing that requires so much org poly??  By the time I get my metal harvesting up and running, I have more obsidian than I need and am swimming in poly.  I make a run for org poly maybe once a month and that's mostly just so I can repair ghillie masks.

  4. Finished a trap shack I started last night.  Evil church/temple with bait and  some nasty surprises in it.  Should be good for a few loot bags this week.

    Worked on my direwolf breeders.   Unfortunately, I suck at breeding mammals and always forget about them during gestation, so it's taking forever.

    Built a new bunker with dual industrial grills at the bottom of the ledge that borders my territory.  Now I won't have to navigate Big Red through the trees all the way up to base at the end of meat runs.

    Freshened up the ferts in the greenhouse/bee house I built to speed up sweetcake production.  Not sure why, since I don't use cakes.  They may come in handy for trade, though.

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  5. 20 minutes ago, yekrucifixion187 said:

    Didn't say easy to fix. Said easy to find. No idea why they didn't. Maybe because they don't have test servers for their patches. 

    If they do have test servers for their patches then can you explain how they missed them? Incompetence (I hope not). If that's not the answer then it is just laziness which might be worse. 

    You can't tell me they did proper testing and left those glaring issues in. 

    Scenario 1:  Found the bugs, couldn't recreate them consistently enough to form a solution

    Scenario 2:  Found the bugs, tried a fix, something else broke.  Tried another fix, something else broke.  Boss and players are clamoring for release. Send it.

    Scenario 3: Found the bugs, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs.

    Scenario 4:  Didn't find the bug because of a limited amount of hardware/software combos available for testing.  Bug reported, figured out a fix, gave the boss the estimate for implementing the fix, boss laughs.

    Scenario 5:  "Bug" actually a feature devs took a month to develop.  Once a week the team has a meeting to review forum threads about the bug, everyone sits around twirling their mustaches and laughing.

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  6. 1 hour ago, yekrucifixion187 said:

    Fair enough but since every expansion  since official launch has launched both delayed and with bugs, think it's a valid complaint. 

    If the push back would actually fix those easily found bugs (not like anybody needed to run 100 simulations to find Drakes that reverse under the map and fall through or element veins wiping out whole bases or wide open meshes in Ab, Extinction, and Val) then it would be more welcomed. Unfortunately, that's never been the case.

    If those issues are easy to fix, what exactly do you suspect is their motivation behind not fixing them?  Or do you think they were competent enough to handle everything else Ark has going on but aren't capable of fixing a few "easy" problems?

  7. 3 hours ago, Anarki said:

    So... newbies. To help or not to help.

    There is a new girl on the server, always asking questions - always polite. 

    I have always helped new players, given them tames to give them a little lift and last night was no exception, a born 275 Ptera and a 150 Event Purple and Green Clone Wyv. 

    I left them to it whilst put out my Gigas I had no intention of raising (2x485s and 1 x535) as my delivery of 615MD hasnt arrived from a friend yet - thought I may as well raise them as back ups so I can say at least I did something with the 2x rates etc.

    Tribemate popped on, saw the messages from newbie and was like 'Ive given up helping newbies as it takes away their experience and they always lose whatever I give them within an hr anyway'.

    Low and behold, I see a message an hr later that they have lost their Ptera and Wyv... the question is, have I made their game a lot less enjoyable as they now believe they have lost something so important to them - but was it really that important?

    Maybe I shouldnt give them tames, but I always do... any thoughts?

    I give newbies a task to complete before giving them dinos.  3 spino sails or a box full of flint, something like that.  9/10 don't complete the task.

    I used to give stuff away quite a bit, but got tired of raiding the abandoned bases a few days later to take back my stuff after they quit.

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  8. 50 minutes ago, Uueerdo said:

    Yeah, that too. As far as I know, natural stats in Speed are always wasted. Oxygen is rather worthless on a large number of species (most people don't take their Rexes, Brontos, or Pteras swimming a whole lot). Food isn't real important outside of ease of raising and longer vacations. Similarly, Weight on a non-cargo dino is of limited use (though also helps a bit in raising).

    Food is important for the Daeds since it lets them passive heal longer before running out of food.

    Unless you've turned off resource gathering, weight can be a critical stat for offensive dinos.  Once they're overweight, they stop moving.

  9. 4 hours ago, HoboNation said:

    Don't feel bad, I dealt with what was stated in your post, if there was some other underlying point that I didnt address and you arent prepared to enlighten us all on what that was... well that's not my problem, you can make your peace with that one :P. In terms of what I posted it is entirely relevant to what you stated and directly deals with the points you raised.


    It is always interesting when someone states how your response to them is wrong but then doesnt or isnt able to elaborate on why exactly your response is wrong ??... If you can appreciate that I put some thought behind my post then how about you put some behind yours and explain what point was missed? If you arent prepared to do that then I'm afraid responding at all to me was entirely a pointless exercise.

    Sigh.  I ain't getting paid for this, so I'll keep it brief.

    The "other game" would have bugs which aren't cost effective to fix.  The "other game" would struggle with balance issues and exploits.  The "other game" would try to please multiple types of players.  The "other game" would try to allocate as much budget to communication and support while still trying to keep the lights on.  The "other game" would face all of these challenges, and their forums would be full of the same types of complaints as this one.

  10. 2 minutes ago, HoboNation said:

    This is profoundly untrue. Sure a company that was a direct competitor may very well be privy to the many of the same challenges however how those challenges are handled and dealt with would be completely different. It is completely false to assume that the experience dealing with said hypothetical company would be the same as companies all act differently and often make very different decisions, in fact something that competition introduces is incentive for companies to better each other and end up providing better customer service in an attempt to win over the market. 

    It would bring positive change for players across the board, both for players who would hypothetically move over to the new game and to players who stick with ark, this is because both companies would have incentive to "out do" each other to win over the market share. I have no idea how you came to the conclusion that another company with a similiar game would act and essentially be exactly like Wildcard, this is a completely ridiculous assumption. Just look at any two competing companies and you will see massive differences, sure their products are similar but the manner in which the company conducts itself, what it prioritizes and what its organisational culture is, would be completely different. You can't just say that coca cola is copy paste of pepsi and visa versa just because they make similar products. 

    When it comes to games in particular, a new game means a different engine, different system and build, different methods for dealing with complaints and bugs, the stability of each game could be vastly different. You just have to look at the world of Mobas to know just how different a company can make the experience of a game compared to it's competitors.

    I feel bad.  You missed the point by a mile and put all that hard work in.  Sorry, man.

  11. 12 minutes ago, WaelDimachkie said:

    you know what I hate


    is that this game has no direct competitor to it !


    I have been playing this game on the first day it came out, I still to this day face bugs that havent been fixed since then! its actually annoying.


    especially the lags that happen in the servers all the time, the amount of lags, and high pings it just doesnt make any sense 


    and i really wonder why isnt Wildcard taking note to these things, they happen all the time! its like they make x2 events to keep us quite and not say anything.. sometimes i just wish there was a competitor with the same idea. dont get me wrong, i love ARK but i hate the way it runs.

    Any competing game would be developed and managed by a company facing the exact challenges as Wildcard.  We would have all of the same issues with that game, but the population would be split in half between the two games, leaving fewer players in each to interact with.

    Sounds like a good idea... but it ain't.

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  12. 3 hours ago, HoboNation said:

    Maybe our approach to asking for a fix is all wrong.

    I have a feeling that if we as a community stated we were willing to pay for a mesh fix patch, almost as if it were some kind of paid DLC, that there would be a working solution in place by tomorrow morning already.

    Entire staff resources would be devoted to this and they would solve it in record breaking time :D 

    Feel free to send in a donation, but I'm not spending a dime on dev time to fix problems that don't affect me.

  13. 9 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    any suggestions on building to avoid being meshed? some tips maybe?

    I'd prefer to avoid mentioning specifics, but the main thing is to analyze what kind of advantage meshing gives and build in a way that minimizes that advantage.  Think like the guy meshing you and try to imagine what would be annoying to have to deal with from his perspective.  Fluid, electricity and raiders follow the path of least resistance, so build ditches to control their movement.

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