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  1. 4 hours ago, covenantgrunt said:

    And with OP god dino linea gone all tribes would be on fair and even footing.

    Get rid of breeding and all dinos but parasaurs, and there's going to be that tribe that tames more high-level parasaurs than every one else. 

    Make all parasaurs the same level and cap their numbers, there's going to be that tribe who respecs crafting and makes better saddles.

    Get rid of high-quality saddles and there's going to be that tribe who brings more players.

    Cap tribe size, and there's going to be that tribe who treats Ark like war instead of a game and shows no mercy.

    Give everyone the same dinos, the same saddles, the same point of view, and then we'll all be on equal footing (as we leave the game en masse).

  2. Another good solution is to just grind gunpowder for a day and buy a quetzal.  If anyone on your server is breeding them you'll probably get a much better bird anyway.  Plus, most tribes/players don't need much more than 1-2 quetzs, good chance they have extras.

  3. 4 hours ago, Zapha said:

    Once I tried it with grappling at a Argentarius. That works with all flying mounts but you can only do some shots until you have to use a parachute the get back on the Argy and then get back over the Quetzal. But I was not able to hit it often enough. Maybe doable by this way but damn hard.

    Might take some practice, but once I figured out the solo grappling hook/argy method, quetz became one of the simplest tames.  Considering no other dinos will mess with you that high in the air (unless you're taming over the wyvern trench or something), you really only need to worry about where the quetz is going to land and what else is down there.

  4. 9 hours ago, JustAnotherBeachNoob said:

    Single player is really nice. You can turn up the harvest/taming/XP rates and get things done quicker. The best part is, when you log off, the game stops no more worrying about coming back to a destroyed based.

    I'd estimate the value of the stuff I've been given by other players vs. the stuff I've had destroyed is about 100 to 1. Everyone loves to gripe about the "toxic community", but most players I've encountered are actually pretty generous with advice and stuff.

  5. How about the map just gets divided up into areas, each PvE player gets one area and no one else can even enter that space?

    How about letting PvE players just place metal nodes or drops in their own bases so they don't have to go anywhere dangerous?

    How about every PvE player gets their own personal GM to follow them around and take care of every problem for them?

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  6. Posing as a foreign player is a great strategy, especially when you're incognito on your home server. Folks are so wound up about the chinese and block names, they never suspect the English-speaker from down the road is actually the one who smashed their base and took all their loot.

    Thumbs up to this thread for making that a little easier.

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  7. 9 hours ago, Joebl0w13 said:

    That doesn't really make any sense though.

    PVE is the story line that continues the progression of the game. It's what drives the new expansions.

    PVP is just an endless loop of tribes fighting each other for no real gain other than "to be alpha bruh". That can be done in aeternum on any map regardless of the story.

    Absolutely, flat out wrong.   Players can choose their own destiny in either mode.  The only difference is that PvP players do so while people are trying to kill us, instead of just picking Easy mode.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Kodking194 said:

    pve is the same ark, just without the constant fight, trolls and wiping. it gives us time to not only focus on core of the game but also do other things aswell

    Except there are still trolls in PvE, as evidenced by weekly forum posts.  As for wiping, I haven't been wiped in 2 years of playing PvP, and have plenty of time to do everything including bosses, even as a solo tribe.

    What else ya got?

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  9. 9 hours ago, Demerus said:

    PVP community will continue to be bitter and toxic toward PVE'ers because PVE is widely regarded by the PVP community to be a "safe space".

    A wide spectrum of PVP players consider themselves above PVE players and are willfully ignorant of the reasons players prefer to play a different mode than them.

    It is widely known that a vast majority of PVP players exploit the best tames and glitches in order to compete against other tribes.

    The constant glitching and need to "one up" eachother on PVP forces WC to nerf useful tames and fun mechanics into the ground screwing over PVE players in the process.

    Not much will change for PVP. Everything will change for PVE.

    I can only speak for myself, but my bitterness towards PVE stems from the fact that they get all of the rewards with less of the risks. 

    PVP players are above PVE players, because we face both the easy, programmed opponents and the more difficult human ones.

    One man's exploit is another man's common sense.

    That "one up" thing you're talking about has been driving the advancement of human civilization for quite a while now.  Without it, we're playing with rocks, not virtual dinosaurs.

    No idea what #5 means.


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  10. 19 minutes ago, Spiral3 said:

    Wow, you should try Eve Online!  And then.. only play Eve Online from now on.

    Already put in thousands of hours.  Quit because I got tired of the devs coddling people who do dumb stuff and lose their stuff.

  11. 10 hours ago, invincibleqc said:

    I would normally agree, that such tactics are part of the game if this was actually done in a war environment. But as stated by the OP, this is on PvE. Infiltration strategies should be left to PvP, and phishing scams have no place on PvE.

    Opinion noted.  Unfortunately for the OP, definitions of PvE not covered by the CoC are subjective at best. 

    Some folks see the "Free Candy" sign and just have to get in the van...

  12. 7 hours ago, CaptCrunch said:

    I find that too many people "press reset" on individuals who are just starting out and trying to get into the game. I think that players should consider challenging others that are the same level and development as themselves. What will happen is that newer players will quit and the population will decrease leaving just the high level players to PvE with each other. <- that's where PvP will end up.

    A fine sentiment. Unfortunately, benevolence is not a luxury that players serious about their defense can afford.  When survival has been prioritized, it's either conquer or be conquered.  Once you've seen a few wolves make it to the gates in sheep's clothing, the sheep start dying too.

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  13. Happens to everyone at some point.  Good that you learned the lesson now, so later when you finally hatch that purple/black bird with all your max stats that you've been trying to get for 2 weeks you'll know to stay up until 3am hand-feeding it.

    Somewhere in dino heaven, all the ghost babies from trough starvation are hanging out with all the babies we accidentally ate before hatching.  It's a sad party.


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  14. 4 hours ago, caleb68 said:

    Bitter? nah. Halloween use to be one of my favorite holidays, especially back when people still went all out and decorated their yards for the kids,  loved going around the neighborhoods and seeing all the spooky decorations, now the only spooky holiday decorations for Halloween I ever see is the little bit some businesses put out, or in games. 

    Didn't mean bitter about this issue specifically, just about the collective group of stuff that annoys you.

    Don't take it the wrong way, I enjoy watching you get fired up about stuff, even if I don't always agree with you.  I was like that too, before I ran out of energy and just lowered my expectations lol

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