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  1. 4 hours ago, carbonark said:

    Humans are the most useless creature in the game

    - Primary attack does a measly 8 damage, basically pointless. Titanosaur is way better with 1000.

    - 0 damage reduction, you have to like craft these stupid clothes to try and protect yourself.

    - Dumb single melee attack does about the same amount of torpor as regular damage.

    - Punching takes so long to KO anything, and it damages me to punch stuff. I'll probably die before I KO something.

    - Pretty much useless other than fighting another equally useless human.

    - Other people can just bola me and then I'm just stuck there, plus basically any flying dino can just pick me and and drop me from the sky.

    - Barely any meat and 0 hide from them, not even worth harvesting

    Apex predator at the top of the food chain yeah right. I don't know why they even were added to the game

    On the flip side:

    -Can ride other creatures

    -Can wear multiple pieces of Asc. armor

    -Can use weapons

    -Can command other creatures

    Imagine a Giga with an Asc shotty wearing full Asc flak riding a wyvern and whistling a Rex army to Attack This Target...

  2. 18 hours ago, ITameDodos said:

    I know i should walk away at this point but your rebuttals are so perfect it annoys me. Im going to debunk this quote, even if its a mere sentence. First off i've spent around 15k hours playing PvP official, call me sad i dont care. Its pretty evident at this point. Im going to run you through every base i've built so far on ark and how it ended.

    103 lava cave - meshed, probably the first server to ever get meshed

    887 underworld - meshed. Had this base for around 9 months. Infact this got meshed for over 2 months until i gave up entirely

    675 blue zone - given away. Had too little time to play

    302 volcano - moved off to build 944

    944 underworld - meshed, in a whopping record of 2 weeks in

    795 red cave - bluetagged and meshed

    615 underworld - Wiped legit

    787 red cave - insided, meshed later

    809 red cave - ally wiped

    795 spine - mek rushed

    778 red cave - moved off to oil

    1136 oil cave - meshed, again 2 weeks in

    genesis snow plat - wiped legit

    302 ice and carno - moved off

    22b ice and carno - moved off

    1115 oil cave - insided x3

    787 shadow cave - meshed

    So of the 13 times i have gotten wiped, 8 was due to meshing. Tell me it isn't an issue. Tell me to 'build in a different location'. Don't get me wrong, i'm the fool to keep playing this but dont say meshing aint an issue. This is probably the last ounce of effort i have to waste on these forums


    Don't give up yet!  We have a good exchange of ideas going here.

    I'm not saying build in a different location.  I'm saying build a different base.  Know what meshers find when they pop up into my ground-floor rooms?  Walls lined with turrets and a small horde of dimos or compys.  You can't stop meshing as a tactic, but you can stop it from being an effective one.

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  3. 53 minutes ago, ITameDodos said:

    Dude as you can see i've only made 18 posts on this forums and every comment i post is met with bitterness. I genuinely give up cause everyone on these forums gives me the urge to punch the screen. Im going back to my base to get meshed every month, its more enjoyable 

    If every post you've made is met with bitterness, maybe it's your posts which are the problem.

    I understand your frustration over your virtual toys not always working right.  Unfortunately, you seem to be under the impression that software developer's primary concern is making a perfect game.  Investors and the board of directors don't care, probably don't even know, about meshing or shadow distancing or anything else.  The average life cycle of a video game has been surpassed in this case, Ark is past its peak. You could fix every glitch in the game tonight and it wouldn't result in a substantial increase in revenue.  If it's not going to make them money, it's not going to get done.

    As for going back to your base to get meshed: build a different base.  I've spent 6k hours on PVP servers and never been meshed once.

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  4. 1 hour ago, ITameDodos said:

    This entire paragraph annoys me. First off i've bought this game on 4 profiles with every DLC also bought on the profiles. If its a financial issue they should host a donation event much like the charity event that increases rates with more money donated, specifically to target bugs. I for one would definitely donate to it if it can improve the state of the game. Even selling new cosmetics instead of giving away a million new ones on the new years event. I personally think bugs don't get resolved from the out of touch developers and customer support team that dont take much notice until there is enough outcry

    Sorry if it annoys you, but such is reality.  By all means, feel free to approach businesses worldwide with your ground-breaking idea of asking customers to donate money to address issues which don't make economic sense to address in the first place.  They'll be kicking themselves for not thinking of it first.  And to think, it all started with someone annoyed about glitches in a video game.

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  5. On 1/4/2021 at 1:45 PM, Moth1234 said:

    See I just can't justify full ticket price for a game with this many problems, and had I known it had this many problems, I wouldn't have gotten it. I figured after years of my friends asking me to get it, it would be in an acceptable state. Paying money for broken things simply is not ok, in any facet of life, not just video games. How people are ok with that, eludes me. Thanks for the workaround on the magmasaur nest bug. Such an easy dev fix. Shame.

    Fixing bugs requires software developers.  Software developers have this annoying habit of expecting paychecks so they can feed their families. Banks have this annoying habit of expecting your company to deposit funds equal to or greater than your payroll costs. Players have this annoying habit of only buying the game once.

    Could they fix it?  Probably.  Is it worth it, based on the projected ROI?  Nopers.

  6. I like to think this is an attempt at a large-scale inside job.  Insiding the alpha tribe is nothing compared to insiding an entire server. It'd be pretty fun to ban everyone and then just go around looting all the bases.

  7. Insiding is awesome.  It's a very effective tactic which requires a much different skillset than simple combat or raiding.  I'm a big fan and very happy that it's a part of the game.  Kudos to the enterprising folks who pull it off successfully. 


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  8. On 6/10/2020 at 1:09 PM, Lobsterbrains said:

    Give me the fee any day, running your own server is nowhere near the same as oficcial servers.

    And for every player who ponied up the fee, another would stop playing because they don't like Ark enough to pay for it.  Now there are fewer players on your servers paying the bills.  Now people are leaving because there's less population.  Servers still need to be maintained to satisfy the players who are left, time to raise fees to cover those costs.  Now those folks don't want to pay twice as much to play, so down go the servers.  But hey, the game was glitch-proof for 90 days.




  9. 9 hours ago, Rovingmale said:

    How about you don’t put something online that doesn’t work. That’s sounds about F-in right.

    Fair enough.  What kind of solution would you suggest? 

    A team of people to sink thousands of hours into making everything work perfectly?  Gonna cost money.  You prepared to start paying a monthly sub fee?  May as well run your own server if you have to pay, right?

    The only other option would be to offline the servers.  The thunder from the players would echo through these corridors like the gusts of a thousand winds.

    Seems like the option that doesn't cost the players any money and doesn't cost the company a bunch of customers is the option we have now. Almost like a compromise, isn't it?



  10. If you walk into the woods and yell "Hi bear!", does the bear stand up and roar back?

    If you hide your base well and don't talk in global, most of the server won't even know you exist until the day you take their stuff.

  11. Of my 4 main strategies for defense, only one is based around game mechanics. 

    It's like thinking that your car's safety features mean it's OK to get wasted and drive 100 mph on the wrong side of the road.  Don't do those 3 things, and chances are you'll be fine.

  12. 1 hour ago, LE4SoDeadly said:

    Was thinking about this my self recently currently the ark meta is solely aimed at the 10% who never log off. But no game should cater for such small numbers.

    There’s not a base on this game that carnt be offlined in hours and if you don’t believe just go to any of the big tribes  On any server and ask them about there offline window ...it will Be zero.


    A turret tower with 100 turrets on capped should be next to unshakable ....that’s endgame. But on this game you need five four racer and a tek tapey to destroy what is the Maxium achievable offline defence in minutes.

    People aren't getting crushed by game mechanics.  They're getting crushed by people.

    In pretty much every endeavor throughout the history of man, the person who's willing to work harder, sleep less, spend more, sacrifice more, learn more and bring more manpower will usually come out on top. You can change the rules of the game all you want, those folks will adjust their strategy and continue kicking the crap out of everyone.

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