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  1. thanks, 12.55gb update...RIP lol. my fault for not noticing it earlier
  2. this for Xbox as well as PC? im soon moving to PC anyway...but still would like to know lol
  3. yay...another bug in the damn redwoods lol super excited, but I can just see it now...wont be able to leave my base without being stung or attacked by one of the other 600 bugs that hang around me
  4. aaaaawe ur shiny pc aint working, well xbox is working amasing since launch for me,
  5. they actually did a lot with the update that came out, LOADS of optimization fixes, graphic upgrades and minor bug fixes. as well as adding the dinos to xbox and a few other things. I think they handled it perfectly, a little bit for everyone so that if u didn't feel like buying the DLC u still had plenty of new content to look at on Xbox, or on PC u got a smoother running game.
  6. huh, they told me just the other day they had 40 people steady on it when I said the server was dead while I was there, exact words were "tell that to the 40+ people playing it"
  7. nope, I can pretty much guarantee that. hardcore is a mode u can turn off or on in dedicated servers, they may release some of the Primitive plus mods into the official Hardcore, but I highly doubt more then 1-2 because those servers die rapidly and over and over. there will be servers for you to play on don't worry
  8. they did it for PC, so they CAN and have released on time, they just decided last second to give xbox players nothing after so much hype
  9. don't even let idiots like that draw u in, its pointless they will continue to bash on consoles because they were fortunate enough in life to have daddy or mommy buy them a PC or get a good job early on and can afford something like that, some of us have to work for a living, and cant afford high end computers that actually give people a worthwhile experience. your comment was a fair and proper one, I hope more people understand how it was meant. have a good day man.
  10. please don't defend that bs. we understand its a pc starter game, that they will get poop first. but THEY announced it would be released for xbox the same day. of course ppl are pissed off.
  11. Bump, I was supposed to be starting a new server when it launched, and so I quit my other server...
  12. that server actually populated now? I was in it awhile ago and 10 ppl was like max and it was so dead
  13. only reason I don't have PC is I cant afford it. its not cheap, I refuse to get a pc that is cheap enough I can afford yet cant handle half the stuff my console can, if I'm getting a PC I'm doing it right and getting a good one that actually gives me my moneys worth
  14. I was REALLY hoping we could get primitive plus...ive been waiting for a server that was supposed to open 2day with it... hopefully it comes really soon...I really don't feel like waiting another few weeks like we usually do...completely ruins the "freshness" of it, since pc users will get it, and now like 90% of the people who play on console will go watch that content and ruin it for others who may want to just explore the new feature...
  15. Gigas should just be AI controlled to be honest, or at least use the nerfed version, not the wild
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