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  1. I'm not 100% on board with the critter's aesthetic, and I don't feel the need to comment much on the abilities since that'll be up to WC anyway, but I have to say I'm loving the mental image of a giant, dragonfly-like VTOL heavy transport; wings kicking up an ornithopter style cloud of dust when its lifting off/near the ground. The proposal definitely sounds more end-game oriented, but it might be nice retooled as an earlier/mid-game tame that can be used to quickly and safely remove heavy predators like Rex or Giga that wander too close to a base that isn't equipped to fight them off. Definitely gets a vote from me; WC could make something really interesting around this, or the similar Meganeuropsis.
  2. Yeah, I'm all for the efforts to optimize and save memory, but PvE unofficials are getting borked by this. Is there gonna be an issue if we try to leave our items in Dedis that are now technically over capacity? Bad enough we won't be able to put anything back in once we pull some out, do we have to worry about what's already in there getting deleted? The need to now make a ton of extra Dedis if we want to store more of the same material seems like a pretty big step backward.
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