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  1. I think this is a great idea as long as maewings are possible to get. I was trying to start on a No Tek official cross ark but I realized it was impossible to get maewings on that cluster because the maps are rag island ab and center. I suggested that WC add maewings to these maps on the clusters without the maps that maewings already spawn on. I hate waiting around to feed baby Dino’s and babysitting them so that’s why I quit that cluster. Also I would love to so ext in the maps for this cluster because of the good base spots for solos and small groups. The Dino’s are also cool on ext so I would love to see those to. I do think that osd’s should be disabled or nerfed for this cluster but ele veins would be fine since it’s a No Tek. I also think that gen2 engrams should be learnable such as the egg incubator and load out manican because they are definitely a qol thing.
  2. Hello wildcard I play on No Tek cross ark 6 on PS4 and the maps are rag island ab and center. There are no way to get maewing a on this cluster so can you add maewing to one of the maps just for this cluster? Thank you for reading
  3. Please don’t do this some people and kids play solo on official and have to listen to parents and if they go on vacation for a week they don’t want their base decaying when it’s out of their control
  4. I have noticed that and brought this up on the past couple community crunch’s but haven’t got an answer yet but I agree they need to go back to normal
  5. Hey I have been noticing an issue with Gen1 points per mission and what I’ve seen is that ever since gen2 launched the points on Gen have went from their original values of 1x points per mission to 0.1x per mission so if you were getting 100 points a mission before gen2 launched now after the gen2 launch you are only getting 100. I’m not sure if this was intended or if this is a bug that no one has said anything about or WC just hasn’t noticed if some one could give me some clarification on this or even better WC sees this and responds. I have noticed this on official servers and it’s not just 1 server that I have been on and this happens it all official Gen1 servers seems to have this bug. Please give clarification on this if you can and thank you for reading.
  6. Hey WildCard I’m not sure if you will see this so please upvote this post but I would like for the missions on Gen1 to give the same amount of points as they used to because ever since gen2 came out the point amount given for any mission has now been reduced from 1.0 to 0.1 and that means that we are getting 10x less points than before so a mission giving 1000 points now only gives 100 thank you for reading
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