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  1. I don't think showing a remade tree asset is going to be a very convincing sales point for a $60 game we already paid for.
  2. a real-life HLN-A was the last thing I was expecting for ARK but I am 100% here for it. If only I was local to PAX...
  3. Completely cutting off events not even a year after the supposed release of ARK 2 rubs me extremely the wrong way. I get that resources need to be focused on the sequel, but this was brought up pretty suddenly, and a lot of people would've missed events this year thinking they could revisit in 2023. People will still be playing ARK 1 for a while; surely at least some attention should still be put into the game at least for 2023, especially as Fjordur's update is halfway through the year. There's still a lot of longevity, and cutting off the events is a very major part of why people still play to this day.
  4. okay but why does the fjordhawk literally resemble haast's eagle. why is it a made up creature when it can literally just be passed off as another prehistoric animal that would be more accurately represented than any other dinosaur in game??? a literal simple rename would make this probably one of the most accurate representations of haast's eagle, but no, for some reason it has to have a made-up name??
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