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  1. Completely cutting off events not even a year after the supposed release of ARK 2 rubs me extremely the wrong way. I get that resources need to be focused on the sequel, but this was brought up pretty suddenly, and a lot of people would've missed events this year thinking they could revisit in 2023. People will still be playing ARK 1 for a while; surely at least some attention should still be put into the game at least for 2023, especially as Fjordur's update is halfway through the year. There's still a lot of longevity, and cutting off the events is a very major part of why people still play to this day.
  2. okay but why does the fjordhawk literally resemble haast's eagle. why is it a made up creature when it can literally just be passed off as another prehistoric animal that would be more accurately represented than any other dinosaur in game??? a literal simple rename would make this probably one of the most accurate representations of haast's eagle, but no, for some reason it has to have a made-up name??
  3. This vote is for real animals, and the use of Wendigo is culturally appropriative to Native American culture. Plus this just doesn't fit the Norse theme of the map.
  4. I never had anything against Garuga, though. I think his mods are great and he's handling this stuff well. What you're saying is exactly my point; the creatures should have a chance to be in the spotlight for ARK, modded or not. Apologies if my wording towards Garuga came across that way, but I have nothing against the guy. I wish him and his mods well. What I have an issue with is fans of the mod prioritising and almost gatekeeping (to an extent) extinct animals for a mod that most players unfortunately won't be able to use.
  5. With all due respect, I don't think that Garuga having Helicoprion in his list of intended creatures to be made should suddenly render any entries and ideas of the same animal from other users invalid. Garuga doesn't suddenly own the rights to that animal being in ARK, and even then, most people who play the game do so without mods. Neo hasn't stolen any concepts nor ideas from the mod developer so the entry is entirely valid. Art and effort went into both of these ideas; perhaps it's a good idea to let lesser known creators also be heard, rather than flat-out saying no because this creator is already planning on doing it.
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