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  1. Yeah its just sad xD. I wish WIldcard would try to solve this problem somehow.
  2. Hello folks, why are people allowed to sell dinos etc for real money??? Isnt there a way to prevent players from doing so? So many players are buying dinos and dont put effort into breeding their own creatures. Especially in pvp its a problem because people just buy the best breedlines, and they spread those lines further across the playerbase. What happens eventually is that you will only find people that bought their lines, so breeding becomes irrelevant. What i would do as a dev. team is to prevent using dinos when you are not in the tribe that bred those. I know you cant loot cr
  3. Greetings Ark survivors, i think this topic is already being discussed frequently, still i wanna share this idea too. So i came up with this idea, because i didnt want to purchase GEN 2 , because its too much TEK stuff for me , but thats just my personal opinion. People like me that dont own / dont want to own every single DLC are having the same issues like me i guess. Let me present you those issues: 1.) Creatures and Engrams that are overpowered on the older maps. - you own the base game of Ark, and then you see a giant Skiff above your head that suck
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