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  1. I didn't say 24 hours. I said the wiki says 24 hours. I know the spawn rates because I monitor them with Larkator. I have no idea what the code says about how soon before another one spawns. Anecdotally, I'd say I've seen them spawn sooner. I also will say I was wrong about Ragnarok as I recently saw 2 on my server, so clearly more than one can spawn. Then again, sometimes this game just does dumb things. In 2700 hours on official, and another 2000 hours in SP, I can tell you the location of every possible Rock Drake nest on the west side trench by the bridge, but on 2 occasions,
  2. Ok, so I'm bumping this because I finally figured out that there are log files with the exact error messages: [2021.06.09-15.28.23:718][ 0]Log file open, 06/09/21 11:28:23 [2021.06.09-15.28.23:719][ 0]LogMemory: Platform Memory Stats for WindowsServer [2021.06.09-15.28.23:719][ 0]LogMemory: Process Physical Memory: 63.92 MB used, 63.92 MB peak [2021.06.09-15.28.23:719][ 0]LogMemory: Process Virtual Memory: 50.74 MB used, 50.87 MB peak [2021.06.09-15.28.23:720][ 0]LogMemory: Physical Memory: 3692.92 MB used, 16366.64 MB total [2021.06.09-15.28.23:720][ 0]LogMemory: Virtual Memory
  3. I don't understand breeding for colors unless you're looking for a color that WC just won't put in an event like Purple. I'd rather wait a whole year to get an event dino than randomly hope to get the color you want to pop up. There's nothing fun about breeding to me. It's sitting around your base doing nothing. It's necessary, but not fun. Just another grind in this grindy game. I wouldn't bother breeding anything under 40 points in a stat, but that's just me. I actually try to get above 45 if I can help it. 50 isn't the "best" you can find, it's just that it's super rare, s
  4. If you have to use a quetz to get honey, you're working way too hard. I've never been able to wrap my head around people who go out hunting for wild honey. (unless you're PVP, then I'm not going to claim to know how that works) Taming a bee isn't hard. Get a big dinosaur, Rex, Rock Drake, Reaper (Gigas are a bit tall for it). Bite the hive until it turns dark. When it turns dark, there's one more hit until it breaks. Make sure your Dino is on passive, wear ghillie, and use bug repellant. Carry a sword. When the hive breaks, the queen pops out. Give her a simple kibble or a r
  5. And I've never seen a moderator representing a game company who goes out of his way to try to troll everyone on the board instead of being actually helpful, but here we are. I know you're not dumb enough to think I actually bought the game to complain about it.
  6. Yeah and when I played official, I tamed one on Dead/Carno Island, cryo'ed it there, and immediately uncryo'ed it in my base and a few days later someone found one in Redwood. <shrug>
  7. Including a multitude of crashes that people have been posting on every forum that have /Gen2DLC/ in the error path, whether you bought Genesis 2 or not. I'm getting crashes from a DLC I don't own.
  8. No, I'm just talking out my butt, I didn't actually read anything. Seriously? Yes, I read the story. I actually got the Perfect Explorer achievement. I couldn't get it 100% legitimately because this game is a broken mess and so I couldn't get the boss dossiers and now they want you to get Genesis Explorer notes apparently, which you can't do if you don't buy Genesis, but I did actually go out and legitimately find all the ones from the Island, SE, Aberration, and Extinction, which is more than most people do. As you said, it's all over the place. The explorer notes were ex
  9. That's exactly why I never gave them money for Genesis, and won't be buying Ark 2. I did my part. You do yours.
  10. This is the first I've heard of you getting 10 extra levels for collecting all explorer notes. Considering the Boss Dossiers were broken for a number of years, that's kinda ironic if true.
  11. It's the Halo effect. So many people think because they enjoy the game that the Devs are infallible or "doing their best." It's like celebrity worship culture or brand identity. They become so obsessed with the product or idea that it becomes part of their identity. That's why the bugs are never going to get fixed and Ark 2 will be no different. People keep giving them money for broken products. It's not just Wildcard either. It's the whole industry. The idea is "I had fun" so its worth my money. That's fine, but don't expect a better product if they can sell you crap in
  12. It depends entirely on what map you're playing on. They don't always instantly respawn when one disappears either. Island has 1 at a time, so does Ragnarok, but they're WAY easier to find on Ragnarok because they pretty much always spawn in the Highlands. SE, Ab, and Extinction don't have them. The Center doesn't have them. Valguero spawns 3 at a time, and Crystal Isles spawns 4. And contrary to the bad information out there, they do NOT share spawns with regular Equus, so killing off Equus does not make them spawn faster: https://ark.fandom.com/wiki/Unicorn There als
  13. You say that, but there are loads of threads about people losing their stuff in the obelisks, especially dinosaurs. The fact is, the system is terrible and broken. The very concept of the Arks was genius. It allowed them to use pretty much any genre they wanted. Travel to this Ark, it can be fantasy. Travel to this Ark it can be farming related, etc. etc. The idea to put each Ark on a separate server? Dumb. Extremely dumb. The entire world should be linked together. There would be less bases, no transfer loses, and PVP would be an entirely different animal when people
  14. Yeah, but my main point was two things. First, you see a lot of people doing this that don't need to. I'm fairly certain they don't understand breeding and they think they're going to get mutations faster by mating with a level 7. There's SOOOOO much bad information out there regarding breeding. Syntax's mutation guide is actually linked on the wiki and this is a guy who thought a torpor mutation was a thing. Second, you really have to be honest on what kind of returns you're going to get. If you're pushing max level you've already got an incredible dinosaur and to go any fur
  15. I agree with this. I was arguing with a guy that was a friend of a friend I let join my private server about how I thought Broodmother was actually tougher than Dragon and he was talking about how easy Broodmother was because you can just take Megatheriums and how dragon was super easy with Theriz. If you ever had to do your own breeding lines from scratch, you'd know how hard it is to find Megatheriums and Therizinos with good stats because they spawn less than 30 to a map and only about 3 or 4 of them will be above level 100. The Island actually has the most Theriz spawns and the Is
  16. It's not necessarily practical, fun, or easy to move all of your dinosaurs, and resources to another server and not everyone wants to start over. We are up to 10 maps now. Lots of people use their original server as their base and setup smaller bases on the maps they're playing currently. One of the complaints about Genesis 1 was that it had poor amounts of areas to build in and some people said it was a simulation not a full ark so you weren't meant to build there, which is kinda of dumb if you ask me. Without a base on a server everything becomes 10x more difficult. Little things
  17. I feel like a lot of people in this thread missed the part where he said he has a max wild dino of 96 on his server. So he has nerfed dinos, and he has a 165 saddle, so he has boosted saddles. I don't know how the bosses scale with that, so I've kept my mouth shut, but I see a lot of people giving him answers based on 150 max wild.
  18. Yeah, but I can never remember whether I move the old to the new or vice versus and then you have the issue where you can split stuff in your inventory, but not a container or a dino, and it's asinine that I should even have to be thinking about it. Plus if I don't have a base on said new server, I'm not exactly in position to make kibble.
  19. This happens randomly. Nobody is sure why. People transfer with things in their inventory all the time. You can transfer with 90000 ingots in your inventory, vs only 15000 if you upload them to the obelisk. As far as the countdown timer goes, that just means you had the items in your inventory when the server saved. If you were to drop them and pick them back up they would have added a timer. You must have everything in your inventory from the last time the server saved in order to transfer with it. There used to be a bug with items that have a spoil timer where you could only
  20. I'm confused by the question in general. There is no online memberships available for ark under any circumstances, so I don't know what you mean by "membership."
  21. Because the levels you put into a dinosaur don't pass on when you breed. I said that in my last post. It doesn't work that way. You're confused. Only post tame stats pass on. Any training levels/domestic levels you add manually will not pass on. Period. It doesn't work that way. Let me break it down for you: You have pre-tame stats... You find a level 150 dinosaur. Those stats are a baseline, they don't effect breeding. You get a perfect tame. Your dinosaur is now level 224 in most cases. You got the 50% taming levels at a 99% efficiency. THESE are the sta
  22. Are you thinking that you can level up a dinosaur and then add mutations on top of that? Domestic levels don't pass on when you breed them. Only the stats that you had right after the dinosaur woke up from a tame, plus a small bonus to make up the taming efficiency. To go from 20 to 150 in mutations would take 65 mutations at only a 7.3% chance to get one. Actually, that isn't even true because after 20 mutations your chance at mutations gets cut in half since one parent will have 20/20 mutations. So you'd get 20 levels @ 7.3%, and then the other 45 would be at even a lower rate.
  23. You're always going to deal with wasted points. There's nothing stopping you from getting a mutation in speed, oxygen, or food. Unless you just really prefer breeding instead of taming, but you're going to do probably 500x more breeding than you would taming to get stats that you can already find in the wild. You're looking for an easy out and there isn't one or we'd all be taking it.
  24. You're really overestimating how quickly you're going to get mutations. That's why taming high numbers is better. Unless you're using some mod that pushes out more mutations, the chance of getting a mutation is something like 7.3% and the chance of that mutation being in the stat you desire is now cut to 1/7 of that 7.3%
  25. This is completely unnecessary unless you've got so many mutations you're pushing 450. I saw all these people with their level 7 Gigas on official and for what? You don't need Stamina, Oxygen, Food, or Speed on a Giga. Mutating health isn't going to give you very big returns, nor do you need a lot of weight. If you max out the mutations on a Giga, at 254, even if you found a Giga with 50 points in health and weight, you're still only at level 355. Mating your dinos with a level 7 doesn't make you get mutations faster, it lets you get MORE mutations if you're in danger of hittin
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