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  1. If you have to use a quetz to get honey, you're working way too hard. I've never been able to wrap my head around people who go out hunting for wild honey. (unless you're PVP, then I'm not going to claim to know how that works) Taming a bee isn't hard. Get a big dinosaur, Rex, Rock Drake, Reaper (Gigas are a bit tall for it). Bite the hive until it turns dark. When it turns dark, there's one more hit until it breaks. Make sure your Dino is on passive, wear ghillie, and use bug repellant. Carry a sword. When the hive breaks, the queen pops out. Give her a simple kibble or a rare flower probably works since they doubled the rates, and voila, you have a hive. If you get bit, crouch and swing your sword overhead until the drones are dead and the bee icon goes away, then go back after the queen.
  2. Seems like most of the posts in this thread are anecdotal at best. If it's not your main map, it's absolutely a pain to get them to spawn. What's even weirder is how the whole rest of the map (particularly around Eldritch) is just a hot bed for Alphas, yet the one you need for the map is still rare. Yeah, kill Wyverns to make them spawn. That's how random numbers work. The more chances, the better your odds. Problem is the 5% spawn rate isn't good enough. It used to be easier when the map first came out because the Fire Wyverns all spawned at one point in the floating Islands and then you could just go to that spot and kill a bunch of them, but they fixed that, and now you have to randomly travel all over to find and kill the wyverns. Killing the ones at the Trench doesn't seem to be much better. Fortunately I finally beat the Alpha Queen and I have no intention of doing much with the map as I don't care for it.
  3. Are you by chance playing single player? They intentionally nerfed the drop spawns in caves in single player by design. There's an old tweet floating around by Jen, the old community manager explaining that the reason was they didn't want players running the cave over and over again in single player. Which is just.... the worst. Because you can literally spawn in whatever you want. It's this particular design I think that causes the Skylord artifact to be bugged on Island and not spawn in SP even after they said they fixed it in a recent patch.
  4. This video actually shows the exact spot with an actual nest so you can see exactly where it will show up:
  5. They don't always respawn right away, but they do exist, I can tell you that. On my new private server, that's how I got my first wyvern egg, was a low level 50 ice and I pumped it full of stam and got a 150 fire, and a 175 fire that I'm raising now (along with an 85 because I need a male to breed them.) They don't stick around the nest areas, so an egg doesn't always spawn. It's best to hunt them down and kill them and hope for a fresh spawn. If you really want one that you see wild to lay an egg and you're _really_ lucky, you can kite one to one of the nesting areas and distract it with a mammoth or something, leave render, and it will have laid an egg. I suppose you could trap one by a nest as well, which would be easier, but I never tried it so I can't guarantee it wouldn't despawn when you left render. Another poster on here mentioned he'd been able to kite them all the way to the Wyvern cave and get them to follow inside, and they would lay eggs in the wyvern cave. Unfortunately, information on this game is a mess because of the number of changes WC has made over the years, and there is so much old information still on the internet and much of the wikis haven't been updated. Originally, they even spawned in the Northwest snow range above the ice cave (along with one of the treasure chests, now there is only one chest left, that I know about), but they were relocated a long time ago. I saw a video showing 4 coordinates where Ice Wyvern eggs spawn, but even during the video he couldn't show the exact nest location for at least one of them. Of the 5 coordinates, I've only recently seen nests appear at spots 1 & 5 (C&D on the map). In the past I've seen them at 3 (B). The other two spots I can't even confirm if they are good or not: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=ark+ice+wyvern+coordinates MAP Wyverns on Ark have ever been a mess because they're one of those creatures like Raptors that just get copied and pasted by Wild Card, which is why during Fear Evolved 2 years ago, the Ice Wyverns were replaced with a massive overspawn of Zombie Wyverns, and why the Ice Wyverns on Valguero couldn't be cryopodded and the wild ones were completely invisible for a while when Valguero came out. I've also seen people build little metal huts near the egg spawns to fast travel and steal and egg, but if they build too close to the nest, they could ruin the spawn completely.
  6. You're missing the point. The genre of a story is simply a wrapper. The maker's of futurama did an episode based on moby sausage. Some people take the bible as fact, other's call them fables. One of the core arguments of this thread is that people should have seen the obelisks and known it was sci-fi. But you said you yourself, they could have explained them with magic, but chose not to. The fact that you can't comprehend that people categorize things differently or accept the fact that people have different viewpoints than your own make you useless to talk to.
  7. Maybe it is two different conversations. To me it's the same. You all are arguing whether Wild Card screwed the pooch by going tech vs dinosaurs. I'm arguing they screwed the pooch with their incompetence. Regardless, I'm not going to argue with someone whose opinion boils down to: "I say it's Sci-Fi. Therefore, it's Sci-Fi."
  8. Except for the existence of Dragons, Basilisks, Wyverns, Drakes, etc. all based on mythology whether they were genetically engineered or not. Isn't there a famous author that said something to the effect of magic is just science that hasn't been explained yet? More to the point, you asked what me talking about fantasy and sci-fi being lumped together had to do with anything. You're saying, "This is sci-fi" as if that is supposed to answer people's expectations, when clearly the lines are blurred. Also, it's absolutely hilarious to me the number of people in this thread who are bashing people for being upset when it is extremely clear to anyone who has been around the game for a number of years that Wild Card never had a plan for anything and still doesn't. They didn't build a game so much as they made a bunch of things they thought were cool and threw them in a sandbox and said, "Here, go mess around with these." Later they added a mild progression with the artifact caves and bosses and even that got halfway thrown out with Genesis. The idea of the Arks in generally is really a microcosm for their lack of foresight: The idea to have floating Arks was brilliant from a design standpoint because they can literally add any genre to the game and it would make sense as a survival scenario, but they ruined it by putting each map on a separate server making it impossible and undesirable for anyone to play on every map for the amount of time it takes just to renew your timers and whatnot to keep what you have. Here we are 6 years later with 10 maps and when I played official I could barely maintain what I had on 5. People talk about Ark's "story" all the time here, reddit, youtube, etc. etc. But Ark didn't really have a story. It had some lore. Explorer notes you could find that gave you clues about what you were supposed to do and talked about the history of the Arks you were on. It wasn't until Extinction (The One Who Waits explorer notes and then more directly the end cut scene which is more hype than good) that the player was addressed personally and you began to have a story and even then it's clear they had no idea what they were planning. Originally Extinction was supposed to be it. But they realized there was more money to be had. Except at the end of Extinction : I actually feel bad for the WC writers who wrote the Explorer Notes. They were brilliantly written and if you read them in order, they really evoke a sense of emotion. But in the end, whoever is in charge of the game design ignored a lot of what happened in them. They call this a "survival game" even though the survival elements become a joke the minute you get a halfway decent tame. More to the point, it has a lot more in common than an MMO, than a PVP game, or a survival game. The nature of it being online means have a strong directive narrative is impossible. You can't have one person save and terraform the planet and then the rest of us stand around and watch them get made president for life. Everything has to maintain a status quo. Which is why the Dragon is always there to be beaten, you can always return to your old base after ascending, etc. Regardless of whether or not you wanted a dinosaur game or a power ranger game, the real tragedy here is the number of people who are going to buy Ark II despite the continued incompetence of WC. Oh, but a new engine will make it easier for them! Why? When have they ever shown competence with this engine to show that they'll expertly learn another one? It's been 6 years and they still treat the game like they're in Early Access. The game has become a meme at this point for being crap and yet being addictive. They cheaply use psychological techniques like sunk cost fallacy and addiction based on everything being random to keep players hooked. Even that doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Keeping people online costs them money. But they've designed a system that keeps people constantly maintaining and striving for that next drop, that next mutation, that next stat in a tame... So they have to keep making DLC's to keep people paid. They could have instituted a subscription service at any point, but it would have failed because of their complete lack of customer service. A new engine is just going to give them license to make a whole new set of mistakes because their design choices have always been bad, or half baked and as a company they've always exuded incompetence instead of customer service. That's the real reason why everything I know about Genesis came from the wiki, because I refuse to give them more money and I stopped buying after Extinction. It has nothing to do with power rangers or dinosaurs.
  9. Yeah, I would have to respectfully disagree. People have been confusing or just plain lazily lumping fantasy and sci-fi together for a LONG time. I can remember in the 90's going to the library and having to go to the SCI-FI section for my Wheel of Time, Lord of the Ring, Game of Thrones, books. That hasn't changed much today. 20 years and approximately 5 moves later, my local library has all that stuff under "Young Adult Fiction." One could also argue that Survival has a place in sci-fi, whether it's dinosaur related, realistic, or space ships. It's not too far from "survival horror" either, which could easily be any genre. Too much polarizing these days and that partially stems from our pathetic attempts to generalize everything.
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