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  1. Apparently some people are using this 'feature' to exploit and hog the server. If you know better, in a Certain Country they are already selling gen 2 'ready made accounts' with 'starter base and dinos' online. They are doing it with real money so they would never loose their grip on the servers. While the people who love and enjoy the game are locked out of the game because WildCard made a childish and immature decision. If you go on battlematrics, it doesnt take a PhD to deduce that at least half the accounts on those full server are bots. They hogged the login limit and soft DDoS the s
  2. Well even considering all the faulty stuff, the programming team is the people who bring the creative team's idea from paper to your screen, all the different dino's behaviors. I would say it is above avarage. But back to the narrative, FIX THAT SERVER CAP NOW. btw they took time to fix a dolphin.
  3. You have a very good understanding on the industry. BTW those whjo would still spend money at a final expansion are most potential to pay for ark 2. See what they have done? In Short, Their creative team is stellar, programming team is above average, marketing team is mediocre, support team is poop.
  4. After 16hours of continuous trying I still could not get into server 979 to retrieve my character. I paid for the expansion and expected to play it. Wildcard you owe me and other similar players a (*&(KING EXPLANATION and SOLUTION!!!! You want to enforce server cap. FINE. But at least GIVE PLAYERS one day to EVACUATE! Dont JUST RESET AND HAHAHA! What kind of childish and immature decision making process at your whole server admin team is going through? Most of the capped server has toxic players from YouKnowWhichCountry and they are HOGGING the server. A handful of pl
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