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  1. Playing solo on Xbox Series S I upload some stuff and a dino with the intent to go farm resources on another map (From Island to Rag) Once on Rag all the items was downloaded, and once I downloaded the dinosaur the game crashes. Now all the items are gone, but luckily my dino was still there.
  2. Graphics on Xbox is laughable as well to be honest it looks like garbage and there is not settings to adjust it.
  3. Yes, playing with keyboard and mouse is also for me preferred. But the support is very buggy, sometimes it works fine the next second you cant run/jump. Yes there is a work around for run/jump, but this game is hard enough not having to go into my inventory, typing random characters, to hit enter and then go back out while trying to get away from predators.
  4. Just telling us that it's a confirmed issue that will be fixed, would go a long way at least for me.
  5. Game breaking bug for almost two weeks, and not a single comment from any moderator or dev. this is a disgrace. Is there any way to roll back to prior to gen 2 when it was working? I mean we still had the issue with not being able to run/jump, but at least the tool tips worked.
  6. Even after the latest updated this issue remains, the game is hard enough. We need to know to be able to get the tooltips on stuff.
  7. There are several major issues since this release on Xbox Series S, regarding graphics, performance, missing tooltips. When is this expected to return to a playable state? Also, how can I disable updates to prevent losing everything on a random update for content that does not work anyway?
  8. Yes, not even 40 FPS in 720p with poor textures.
  9. I seem to have the same problem, this is what I get on Xbox Series S. Looks like garbage. Size limit on the forum is very stupid as well, impossible to give any real view of how bad it is. Textures also glitch and flash all the time. There are tons of bugs since the last update.
  10. What it really means is "Ready to enter menu" because when you click "Host \ Local" nothing happens, no error just nothing happens and you stay on the main menu. So even after "Ready to play" at 16 GB I still have to wait for the other 100 GB before the game is actually ready to play and the button works.
  11. My FPS keeps dropping way under 60 fps, highly unexpected for an "Optimized" game where I am not allowed to change much of the graphical settings. I'v tried lowering the resolution of the Xbox. from 1400p, to 1080p and then 720p But according to "stat FPS" the fps remains the same and visually I cannot see any differens, and the "stat FPS" claims that it's running in 1440p. Is Ark frozen in 1440p? I just want to stay around 60 fps so the experience is smooth, barley hitting 40 is way to low for 720p gaming.
  12. May be the same base, but the settings that cause the problems are not available on Xbox. At least not as far as I can find in any option or menu. Hence it would probably do better in the Windows 10 thread.
  13. This happens after you write in a search box without pressing enter. Work around is to open inventory, click in a search box and hit enter. Now you have to switch tab to be able to exit the menu, but you can run/jump as you should. Also, the issue will only return if you do not hit enter after you write in a search box. Hope it helps.
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