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  1. "Josephoartigasia Monesi, is a Large rodent on the island that feeds on large amounts of fiber, berries, and aquatic plants. It's thick fur and large warm body make for a good traveling mount for the mountains, and its fur is also water resistant, making it a good semi aquatic mount as well. Their downside is due to their large bodys and fat, they are some what slow on land, with the water being their preferred domain as they can hold their breath for long amounts of time and provide oxygen from the bubbles on their fur. They are also very good for meat production probably better than most creatures on the island, and are recomended as starter creatures as their taming methods are easy, which is just passively feeding them tons of Fiber." I hope that the Josephoartigasia makes it into the game because I think its pretty unique and a good starter tame as well as a possible game changing creature
  2. I like the idea of no Tek Dinosaurs, espically with the theme the map has, of a lost jungle ark, that no one has explored.
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