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  1. wc please fix all the issues in this game stop about the new maps which will likely be only on mods anyways i have seen to many bugs and glitches in the game and the dlc's until this is fixed and maps etc are added to game for all pc and consoles not just in the mods console players cant use mods. all the talk and hype about the new stuff coming is when to many other things need fixing first so please fix all issues first then add for consoles and pc.
  2. just a heads up if ya want tek or certain metal things do not play in primitive plus mode things disappear after updates and restarts just stick to survival mode way better
  3. this update ya have to reset your stats and levels on player it starts ya over when transferring ya have to build up the levels it seems
  4. doesnt matter what time zone if its 1201 am there time they should be getting it out but again this is my opinion and i bet alot of players are frustrated but once again we still have to wait till they get it done honestly my comment was not intended to be an arguement or being major mad it was just a comment have a great day everyone
  5. well my opinion if a release date is set for june 2 it should have been released at 1201 am the morning of the 2nd but we have all seen content and dlc be late even updates still frustrating lol
  6. yep june 2 here and no game no updates nothing sad day so far wondering if delayed again
  7. ok ty it would be nice to have some new structure material,buildings,etc ill wait to see tommorrow on the new dlc
  8. I Have A Queston ?? Is the the new content going to be usable on all maps and is the s+ stuff being added would like to see hg build stuff added to. Is the dlc going to be on time or delayed again?
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