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  1. The dinosaurs are actually reasonably accurate scientifically, yet look absolutely awesome. If nothing else this game will look amazing even if the gameplay or performance is lacking. Also for anyone scared about some of the features its going to beta first so we get to monkey around with the game until its broken, hopefully they will actually fix it if we bully them enough.
  2. This is one of the most amazing animals to have ever lived, an absolute unit of an animal. but they were domesticated into cows which wile still powerful and surprisingly dangerous aren't half of what the aurochs once was. people in Europe one considered this one of the most powerful animals, even the Vikings respected it.
  3. lets be honest here, everyone who wants the carcar just wants another big theropod to run around with. I dislike the idea of a new theropod because it will just make others even more useless. I would rather the allo ir giga get a tlc to bring it in line with new dinos. Allo-bad, very bad. even its bleed is bad now that so many other dinos have it. Giga-Ugly, looks like a toy
  4. Looks like people dont realize this is the devs pick, of course a suggestion made by the community was going to be the same as what they picked. also id rather this than another therapod, if you all want a big scary bleeder ask for allo to be buffed. Allos have major potential but just lack the dps now that the bleed is nulled against bosses. Id rather more gimmicks than another big dino that makes the old ones worthless.
  5. just an archaeopteryx that is actually useful, this game really has an issue with new dinos just completely outclassing the old ones rather than updating old ones. Tlc was a step in the right direction. it looks like the little guy will be a glide suit basically.
  6. I just hope for some nice surprises, whether it be new creatures, creature variants, or items. I love surprises. I am very much hoping crabs are on the map, personally I hope for an X-crab or something more than drakes. I do know many are hoping for drakes, as for the new creatures I like the strider the most.
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