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  1. Yeah so they fixed one problem by creating an even bigger one LUL because now everyone got tons of mutation lines to get their best
  2. I started crafting tons of pillar bc i recognized i´m a lil dumbass which not thought about the fact that there is nearly no flat building space in ark on official servers which ins´t in use yet ... so i cried a second bc yesterday i crafted foundations and now yeah well letz build pillars and ceilings would work better than wasted foundations
  3. PLS, NO NO NO ! Dont understand me wrong your desire is understandeble BUT if you have a look at the actuall server stability please tell me how should they handle even more servers? every server you visit you got server laggs up to a minute when they do der "saves". I dont think this would be better when they do cross-platform server i bet it would be even worse because than they got even more player / structures they need to render / calculate....
  4. depends if you use your daily i think 4 post it will take about 3 to 4 days to get out of jail and see trade sector aswell
  5. if i remember right "early bird" is like 10 - 15 posts (atleast it was so years ago^^) but pls correct me if i´m wrong
  6. for me as a player who rejoined the game after a long time it is more comfy with the new kibble system because you dont need to collect all dinos or hunt several eggs from dinos which were not tameable. but i understand your point that it might be more laggy with zergs having "eggfarms" all over the maps
  7. I dont think this will happen as soon as you suggest. Because this probbably will "kill" their player base, cause many players are still breeding and doing stuff. So even IF it will happen, this will take a while after release of ARK 2 bc they need to look first if the game will have a playerbase as big as the "original game"
  8. He got the point ... Ark EA Release was in 2015 so the engine and pc´s were much worse than now a days ... so with releasing an "ARK 2" they got the oppertunity to do it "better" because they got much more engine they could use and the players aswell got a much better pc so you can develop a game with higher standarts than back in 2015. YES i agree in parts "never change a running system" but pointed out before we got more oppertunitys nowadays than before
  9. So what do you suggest? Because in my opinion the variation on dinos or even biomes in the aquatic part of the map is a bit harder to manage than on landscape. and they got diffrent "layers" in the water ... You got the part where you will find itchys / megalodons .... go further down you will find Cnidaria or Anglerfish ...
  10. Pretty impressive All the effort in this map for such a long time
  11. just started ark again 2d ago ... so still building up and trying to get all dinos you will need for building up
  12. True that ... Because now they´re "finally" on the spaceship where the story more or less ends. So ark isn´t over on June 2nd when the last big map is released. but the story ends with this map and they´re pushing the resources into ARK 2
  13. any further informations? ^^" are you guys playing on official servers or private servers? interested in pve or pvp ? and where are you from because with diffrent regions there might be time issues
  14. I could just quote a former post .... This might be the easiest way to connect with other ppl. Bc "hunting" for ppl to play with often doesnt work in the end .... They may play with you together for a few weeks but in the end they´re often leaving the game for some reasons ... But if you connect to the ppl who play frequently on a server you might have better chances finding ppl to play with.
  15. I think giga isnt the best example here bc its one of the dinos that looses health after taming .... Base Value : 80k Taming Bonus : -63k Melee Dmg : 500 Taming Bonus : -80% With all other dinos it should be more or less fine, that a tamed 140 never will loose vs a level 7
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