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  1. A year later and this is still an issue...are the devs dead or what??
  2. Nope can't find him, my base is on the west and I left him facing west so if he walked off I doubt i'll ever find him again if he is still alive.
  3. Worth a shot thank you i'll have a look.
  4. I've been playing this game on XB1 for about a week now and so far my flying dinos randomly vanish when I log out. I'm playing on an official PvE server The Island, tamed a bird thing yesterday and left it on top of my tower base and today it's gone. A few days ago another player generously gave my a wyvern which has been my favourite pet ever since, landed it in my base before logging off and it was gone the next day. I have plenty of non-flying dinos which are fine so far, so why are the flying dinos bugged? It's starting to feel like a deal breaker with this game.
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