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  1. Truly a match made in hell, terrifying!
  2. Yeah, i find if you send in a support ticket asking them to update it they generally do so within the hour and i'm now on version 933.1. Annoying to have to do this still. EDIT - Have just noticed there is another patch on xbox, hopefully that fixes my issue... Will update post shortly. EDI2 - Can confirm that manually checking for a patch on xbox fixed the issue and i'm back in game \o/
  3. Still down, have verified the server is up and running with my provider Nitrado. However server does not appear on the active session list to join, which is currently showing only 39 servers available where as it normaly shows around 15k.
  4. I can confirm the latest Xbox update fixes this, for unofficial servers at least - nabbed a few purple & yellow blueprints from the ice cave on rag earlier \o/
  5. If it helps, you don't need to imprint beasts whilst breeding for mutations, you only imprint the final batch of beasts that will actually be taken into the boss battle.
  6. The update is for servers only, if you're playing single player you won't yet see the fix until a new client update is released!
  7. Not yet, waiting for nitrado to reply to my server update request though i suspect this won't be till the morning EU time
  8. According to the latest patch notes it has been fixed on Xbox, time will tell if it is really fixed or if they have Wildcarded it up again... Current Version: v929.12 - 06/15/2021 Fixed primitive supply crates on non Genesis 2 maps
  9. That's not correct, juvenile dinos WILL eat from a trough, bugs aside.
  10. Of course they didn't test their own stuff, that would take effort, money and a minimum level of competence
  11. Nah, 100% of the blame lies with Wildcards QA team, or as it seems, lack of QA team.
  12. They're absolutely still on rag as i just picked up a lvl101 egg from the murder snow, though i will say that there was only 1 single wyvern and nest in the whole area!
  13. It is the creatures imprinting value, though if it's anything like the cryopods then the displayed value is currently bugged
  14. Conspiracy is often confused with incompetence.
  15. Ahh, i see the GTA5 oppressor has made it to Ark
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