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  1. Wow, duping is still an issue? Anyone remember that was 1 of the biggest reasons given by wildcard and the mindless fanbois that a full wipe was necessary when ASE left EA all those years ago? That and 'its the only way to truly fix all the bugs' Almost carbon copies of the arguments given for why ASA will be 'soo much better' And yet here we are, all these years later, duping still exists and main game breaking bugs still as well. Not only never fixed in ASE but making a return in the broken remaster. Unbelievable lol
  2. Well its what you said so i assumed its what you meant? Wow, speak in riddles much lol
  3. DLCs or even major updates get 'shadow dropped' not something they're trying to sprout as a completely new game. Disastrous marketing strategy
  4. Normally the mods and some others here are pretty helpful with certain questions like yours bud so not sure if they've answered you privately? All i can say is ark is a little buggy on any device to say the least and i cant speak for pc but on console good Internet connection is essential and the only other thing is memory space. I had to delete some other games once a while back when i had similar issue. So yeah run an Internet speed check and check your system storage maybe
  5. Remember years ago all games were platform exclusive. I remember friendly rivalry with mates about which platforms had the best games. Then devs realized it was financially stupid because although some people bought multiple consoles and a pc, many didnt which meant millions in revenue down the drain. So exclusivity became a thing of the past for big titles. Funny how things go full circle and they think its even viable again.
  6. "learn to be patient' ? I dont think any developer in the history of gaming has left the trailer until a day or 2 of release? Its unprecedented marketing madness. Its unfortunately very telling of the state of the product too.
  7. Hmm, i was thinking the very same thing. We'll see i gues
  8. Waa waaa, mummy the other kids are'nt doing what i want them to do, waa waaa, mummy they're being mean. If you dont like other peoples opinions in a forum for discussions block or ignore them. Or maybe go get an 'ice cream cone' lol
  9. Depends on how ya play i guess. To some pve is about collecting not just 'need'. A strong imprinted giga, arguably easier to tame than carchers, early game, was good for killing titano's for xp. And i know a lot dont like the ocean but, way back when, alpha tuso and mosa were a great way 'if not best' to level up, let alone get black prls and fishing rods. so strong imprinted water tames were almost a necessity even if only to get artis from the 2 ocean caves. Again though, depends on how ya play
  10. Right, was a very different game. I still remember breeding things like gigas, mosa and tuso was an artform. Everything had to be planned to a 'T' You knew if yu cracked those eggs or mated the mosa or tuso that was it, it would be 28hrs later before yu could rest lol
  11. Ah i did forget 1 thing also, good riddance to mindless fanboi's like you too 'fool' lol. And i wont be buying asa, trust me, i havnt suggested others shouldnt either but i guarantee i wont be. Main reason is time already spent in game. I couldnt think of anything worse than starting again from scratch especially the way its being delivered. Island only and drip fed dlc, never. Only a 'fool' would. So instead of feble attempts to insult people maybe learn to respect other peoples 'opinions' in a forum for discussions
  12. Well the day has come. Ive played this game since 2016, active the whole time. But all i can say is good riddance. Good riddance to the lag, good riddance to the random crashes, good riddance to the woeful lack of maintenance on official servers, good riddance to the arrogant way you've treated official players, most of which 'were' your most dedicated long term fans. But mostly good riddance to an inexperienced, incompetent poorly managed developer who's only claim to fame will ever be they got lucky with 1 game. Then because of said inexperience, incompetence and poor management did nothing but ruin that game. And obviously the inexperience and incompetence continues, no other developer openly expects people to pay for them to learn how to use new tech. What a joke, this is the 2nd time youve charged players for an 'unfinished' early access game essentially expecting them to not only test your product but then wait patiently for you to fix bugs. Like we did last time. Well not this time. Fool me once....
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