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  1. They were always full for the whole 8 months, and behind closed doors. Nobody destroyed them. Did this thief also remove the paint from from the structures mentioned too i guess? BS. It is nothing more than 'random buggy ark garbage' like i said. Like today, doing a purple drop get tail whipped by a reaper, game bugs out for a second, and end up at the server ceiling, unfortunately was on just enough of an angle that i ended up falling wrong side of the barrier, lost the giga i was riding, 3 more in pods, a wyv an argy and a bunch of gear? Hmmm what would i call that? Oh i know RANDOM BUGGY GARBAGE
  2. So i just went to aberration to farm some metal and found 3 dedi storage boxes full of raw metal have apparently just disappeared? Was there last week so i know this has happened in the last few days, im thinking since update for event. Nothing in log about it and couldnt have been auto decay? The boxes in question have been in place for around 8 months at least? Also noticed that 4 random structures that are attached to other structures that has all been in place and painted for around 2 and a half years have miraculously lost there paint? So my question is how and why the hell this kind of randolm garbage is still happening this late in the game? I guess its not really a question because ive played since beta and know there is no answer, its just random buggy garbage thats plagued ark its whole life. I was just that angry about randomly losing over 1.5 million metal i hadta say something. After playing ark so long ive learnt, on one hand to really respect what game devs do but on the other to unfortunately hate those who've been at the helm of this game for the past few years. Good luck with ark 2 but how about finishing ark 1 first. A lot of people i know who've all played and loved ark 1 since beta all are unanimous in the decision that none of us would touch ark 2 with a 40 ft pole.
  3. Its a real shame, i love this game and we all love new maps and dino's but i personally would prefer no new maps or dino's if they cant be implemented without ruining the base game. Which they do just about every time. And ya gotta wonder where are all the moderators, gm's and so called enforcers (stupid title for gaming btw) are? So quick to jump on people for saying the wrong thing but in times like this will never ever offer any sort of useful info (from official sources) to to calm the community?
  4. Ive only made a few comments in this forum but just checked history and ive apparently made none??? DILO? Loool, why do yu moderators, gm's, enforcers or whatever yu wanna call yourselves today keep moving our comments around? Im thinkn its got something to do with company performance ratings, at the cost of any real in game issues getting resolved. Please leave our raptoring comments where we can review them and ffs go get a real job
  5. For the last few months lag spikes and servers completely crashing has been gradually getting worse and worse, to a point lately its hardly worth getting on because its almost unplayable. I cant speak for all servers obviously as i only play on 4 but each 1 is on a different map and this problem plagues all of them, some worse than others but the same issue is definitely occurring. My rag and extinction servers are the worst. My rag server just crashed 5 times in a 2hr period, it also spikes and freezes every 3 to 5 mins leaving us unable to access anything, its honestly out of control. I love the game and ive played it since beta and know well the different types of lag that we've learnt to live with if we like the game enough. Thats how i know this is new and i believe should be able to be fixed if its brought to wildcards attention. Hopefully this does that
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