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  1. Do you know what double breeding does to servers? Everyone is going to mutation farm the whole weekend and the servers will be laggy as crap. Be happy with what you get
  2. A few years ago the multipliers were 1x. A little later they upgraded it to 2x and a couple months/1 year ago to 4x. When it's 2x it's basically 8x when you look at the very start of ark. Events are 12x from the rates of the beginning. Be happy with what you got
  3. I think the exo tek suit is a little too overpowered, i like the drops tho, finally no crop plot bps but back to the tek suit. I cant even build a base or some people will tek punch my base too hell and i lose all my 2 minute progress. I think you should not respawn with one again, and that we could upgrade it with doing missions, and unlock abillities. Also make the tek suit need element or something, its way too unbalanced. Furthermore, great map!
  4. Yo u guys dont even know what programming is like huh? Suprise bugs happen like all the time and its only a week why complain so much? Feel bad for the people who took free days for the release tho. But stop complaining they want it to be really special and not full of bugs
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