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  1. Ps4 format_ NO kids need to apply. Scorched earth sever for tribe teamwork. Looking for Wyvern hunters and egg theifs Age, player lvl, and Explain what your looking for in a tribe and what you can offer. If your an active player and looking to meet new players that are not toxic and enjoy teamwork the apply. Add me on ps4 name is suitable_reflex Profile pic of a blue dodo
  2. 31yrs lvl 106 tho will need to make new one due to alpha tribe having my lvl 106 in cage for a week now. They tend to not like it when a scotsman parachutes into their base at night with improvised explosives. ( Hey Hey )I'm looking for an active tribe to grind and fight with to reach the top. I excel in pvp night goggle 5 man team raids on alpha tribes ( At night time )Played over a 6months now almost non stop. When it comes to pvp I play it like warzone, In out detonate. Love hunting wyverns n Rex's. Ps4 name is suitable_reflex and discord is suitable_reflex#9096 need to know what sever
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