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  1. Really excited about the maewing, gonna p** me right off when it steals babies but it will be epic when you have your own. You can stop needing to fiddle around using stupid mods and stuff like the nanny mod and also having the egg incubator is going to help. Breeding and stuff is going to be a whole lot easier with these two things
  2. OMG I missed scorched earth?! I thought I had put it in I’ll edit the poll now
  3. Ragnarok is beautiful, and huge as well as easy to access everything without a flyer, unlike the island where you have to fly to every mountain top, the Center too. This is why I chose Ragnarok
  4. I want to know which official ARK map is everyone’s favourite
  5. No, I meant ichthyosaurs but yes, ichthyornis are annoying too
  6. No, ichthyosaurs is what I meant, however ichthyornis are annoying too, if I’d put every animal on the list then it would have been like 40 options lol I could have put so many others
  7. The most annoying thing about the ants is that they come in such large numbers
  8. Gallimimus are just so dumb, when you are taming something like a horse they always come running along and then they spook the horse and you have to start again
  9. Pick the creature that annoys you most out of these 8
  10. Just checked out the eobasileus, I realised it was the one I had read a book about, yes it would be an epic creature, kinda like trike/peachy rhino but better I guess
  11. Yes I have done that but that doesn’t show how much damage I do, just how much health it has left- plus I can’t see my tames’ damage- I will have another look though, hope I can get it sorted
  12. Pick the coolest creature out of these 10 to be in official ark servers with the next update.
  13. Don’t forget the leeches giving you fever, the sarcos rolling you off your mount, the baryonyx swiping you off your mount and stunning you………
  14. I am on Ark Mobile single player and was wondering how to turn on damage numbers as I want to see how much damage my creatures do. Any other Mobile players know of a way to do this? Any help would be absolutely brill- thanks!
  15. Bulbdog I love it’s little faceplant that it does
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