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  1. Not even a UE5 poop comparison, i'm SMH'ing my head rn.
  2. Minotaurasaurus, the wasteland juggernaut-tank! (I don't have anything to draw my art online :P) (above): Male Minotaurasaurus (below): Female Minotauruasaurus Basic Info: Common Name: Minotaurasaurus / Minotaur Species name: Minotaurasaurus dimachaerus Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Territorial / Aggressive towards tek Dossier: Wild: Living in the harsh and unforgiving climate that is now Earth, this ankylosaurid species has adapted to withstand all sorts of torment that gets thrown at it. In addition to sporting more heavy-plated armor than seen on any dinosaur, The minotaur here has undergone high levels of sexual dimorphism. The male “bulls” are seen to have larger horns on top of their heads and sport large hammer-like clubs, perfect for crushing their opponents. The females, although less aggressive, will fend for themselves if needed with their razor-sharp plates that run down the majority of their tails. Domesticated: When tamed, players will find that both genders of the minotaur have their own separate yet valuable utilities. The males are very efficient at gathering finer resources, such as element dust from veins and spark powder from rock, due to their powerful swings. The females are instead better at harvesting the more delicate resources that can be collected from corpses and are, as a result, one of the best creatures for harvesting corrupted nodules. Additionally, due to the minotaurs’ aggressive nature, they turn out to be quite effective in combat and may prove to be valuable assets in PVP situations and boss fights alike. (above): online art and reference for the minotaurasaurus I found online. Behavior: The Minotaur is not aggressive unless something/someone gets too close to it. Additionally, the minotaur will become aggressive if it senses tek/corrupted creatures nearby., which involves extinction-exclusive creatures such as managarmrs, snow owls, etc. the minotaur will immediately become aggressive towards enemy players/creatures that have tek equipped. Utility: Left click: tail swing standard tail swing like that of the ankylo. Can harvest berries Gender-specific resource gain as well males: spark powder, flint, element dust, etc Females: raw meat, raw prime meat, raw mutton, organic polymer, and corrupted nodules Right click: Heavy swing Minotaur takes a step forward and swings its tail as hard as it can, delivering a heavy blow with its club in front of it. Cooldown between uses (~10s) Destroys and harvests resources with slightly higher yield Damages structures (up to metal when tamed) Male debuff - Fracture (Creatures hit by the male minotaur’s heavy swing are knocked down for a few seconds and afterward lose the capability of sprinting and flying for a period of time. Cooldown to debuff applied) Female debuff - deep wound (creature affected loses some health and stamina to bleed over a period of time. Cooldown to debuff applied) 😄 tail slam slams down its tail onto the ground behind itself, having a reasonably large AOE, and affects the area below itself in case any pesky creatures/players try to hide underneath it. Space: Hunker down The minotaur lays/crouches down, protecting its underbelly and taking reduced damage (will be applied to already existing resistances), as well as being immune to knockback. Minotaur cannot attack in this position, but it permits the usage of weaponry/ tek saddle usage. Extra attack - Bellow: Ridden minotaurs will roar in a bovine-like fashion. This is purely cosmetic. Taming: Utilizing the minotaur’s hatred towards corrupted creatures, survivors can befriend one while battling the hordes of creatures from element veins. After gaining its trust by feeding it a certain amount of food/kibble, you will be able to ride the minotaur wild and without a saddle for a set amount of time, where you will then take it with you and complete an element vein with it. The minotaur will be okay if you use other creatures to fight alongside it and will not take damage from allied tames. You will not lose taming effectiveness as long as it does not receive too much damage (below 30% hp), which can be solved by feeding it veggie cakes or healing with the snow owl whenever needed. The minotaur will also receive a healing buff after every wave is complete. The minotaur will always tame after the end of a vein, but its tame efficiency depends on the health of the element vein. For a lv.150 minotaur on 1x: 10k = 33% tame effectiveness 25k = 66% tame effectiveness 50k = 100% tame effectiveness Harvesting: Males tend to be quite aggressive regarding their swing, often trying to pulverize whatever is in front of them. Because of this, valuable ores that the rider may wish to acquire will be left in an unusable state. However, the pulverized rock obtained can be used instead to produce gunpowder. The male can also harvest high yields of element dust from veins, making it helpful in gathering dust for off-server transfer. Gathers: Flint Sparkpowder Element dust Berries Females having axe-like clubs are not able to destroy rocks as efficiently. Instead, Females’ tails are more adept at cutting into flesh, making them excellent for harvesting more deluxe meats from corpses and the corrupted flesh that resides within infected creatures of the wastelands. Gathers: Hide Raw Meat Raw Prime Meat Raw Mutton Organic Polymer Corrupted Nodules Berries Note: both genders can still “harvest” the resources that the other can attack, but this will result in minimal/no yield (except for Berries) Strengths/weaknesses: Strengths: Increased damage dealt to tek/corrupted creatures (2-3x damage) Decreased damage taken from tek/corrupted creatures (0.5-0.33x damage) Reduced damage taken from firearms/projectiles on armoured body parts (0.5x damage). This buff includes turrets. Reduced damage taken from firearms/projectiles to the tail club and head (0.25x damage) Yutyrannus cannot fear it. Weakness: Increased damage is taken from Velonosaurs (1.5x damage) Increased damage is taken from Managarmrs (1.5x damage) Underbelly and lower back legs have no damage mitigation (regular damage taken) Minotaur is not very fast. The minotaur may be unable to defend itself from flying creatures efficiently, but this may be avoided depending on how its AOE looks. Roles: Gunpowder production: Male minotaur's high flint and spark powder yield makes producing large amounts of gunpowder very convenient. Element dust farmer: Males can get the nearly total value of an element vein’s worth in dust, making it worth having one not to lose the ⅕ return value from city terminals, not to mention their high weight reduction on element dust, making carrying high quantities of dust a breeze. High-quality meat harvester: Females with their sharper tails can collect much higher amounts of prime meat from corpses, making it helpful in taming and producing specific recipes. OSD/Vein Defender: With their buffs against corrupted creatures, the minotaur would be an excellent candidate for defending OSDs and element veins from the hordes of corrupted creatures. Boss fighter: with its high health and damage, the minotaur may prove helpful when wanting to fight the bosses of the other arks (keep in mind that its special abilities would most likely not be applied to bosses) Equipment: Minotaurasaurus saddle: a standard saddle like that of any creature. The player would be seated on the ridge of the minotaur’s back. Minotaurasaurus tek artillery saddle: Resembling an in-real-life tank cannon, this is a saddle that sports a long-range tek cannon that does heavy damage but has a relatively large blind spot around the minotaur. Minotaur needs to be in its hunker-down stance to use this saddle. Weight reduction: Element dust: 80% Flint: 50% Sparkpowder: 50% Organic polymer: 50% Corrupted Nodules: 50% Passives: Tek rival: When tek/corrupted creatures are nearby the minotaur, it gains a buff similar to the trike’s rivalry buff. This would give it the rivalry buff applied against tek/corrupted creatures. . Full body rotation: The minotaur can turn around 360 degrees without walking, making it far easier to maneuver than other creatures. Design: The Minotaur is only known by its bony skull, so some creative liberty has been taken to make it better fit Ark. The in-game minotaur is larger than its real-world counterpart and slightly larger than an in-game Stego. It has plate-like osteoderms covering most of its back and flat plates/spikes along the sides of its belly. Sexual dimorphism is displayed mainly through the tail and horns of the minotaur, where males have a large hammer-like club at the end of their tails and more prominent horns on their heads. Females instead have more sharp plates running down their tails, and their tails are slightly longer and covered in blades like that of the stegouros. (above: reference for the female Minotaur’s tail) Here are some reasons why I think you should vote for this creature, in no particular order: Ark has only one ankylosaurid, and with magmasaurs&striders now in the game, it has made them mostly obsolete past early game. The Minotaur, while being a larger and stronger ankylosaurid, does not overshadow the anky’s metal-gathering abilities. It gives the game a new mid-large-sized herbivore capable of taking on a broad niche of uses in the game. It is not “the giga” of herbivores. It is not supposed to be overly strong or large, and I am not following the “insert name” Giga of the “insert niche here” format that has been posted countless times. I think it's fitting to have a literal tank as the creature of choice for taking on the many dangers of extinction. If any of this interests you, please read the extra information below and vote if you like it! Some of it is just ideas/concepts, so take everything with a grain of salt and add suggestions below where you see fit. NOTE: everything I have written is just ideas to get this creature to fit nicely into this map and ARK. If you feel something needs to be fixed, is too overpowered, or needs to stand out more, please feel free to voice your opinion. I would like to make this submission appealing to all players, but at the end of the day, it is up to Wildcard to implement the features of this creature.
  3. Almost every creature in this game is fantasy, with either wacky abilities or size-ups from their real world inspiration. That is not the issue, and to defend your submission using that fact is both unoriginal and idiotic. The Issue is that you are trying to suggest that a blob of amoeba should be implemented into an already broken dinosaur/fantasy game, to be able to turn a person into spiderman/venom (bloodstalker then obsolete), be a garbage disposal (gacha or just use an industrial grinder, if your making 20 sets of ascendant flak you can afford to make a grinder and not care about the cost for either), or play pokemon with a ditto in ark. Not to mention you are trying to get this creature implemented into Scorched Earth of all maps. While new things implemented in this game are always a stretch from reality, this is just a bad idea to implement, sorry but I'm not changing my mind. And also 2 things: what non-existent raptor species are you even talking about? The "raptor" is based off of Utahraptor (despite its Jurassic-park based inaccurate look), and you are really gonna complain about the Carchar being "comically large" when the giga also received the same size up treatment compared to the real thing? The Giga IRL was almost equal in size to the rex, not to mention that the in-game rex is already "comically large" as compared to its real world counterpart?
  4. This is basically a Ditto x Venom fantasy creature being justified as real because of the fact that you can find slime moving a few feet per day, eating decomposing matter in the forest. Yeeaaa.....no.
  5. So everyone was upset when the Carcharo was announced because it was "just another giga" and didn't want it in the game/ wanted it to be a giga tlc instead. But then you all see "Sky giga" proposed and it gets over half of all the points voted in the system. Gets another giga creature: complains gets another giga-creature submission right after that: ILL TAKE YOUR ENTIRE STOCK Y'all are something else.
  6. Will we be getting one last TLC for creatures this year? I would really like to see some renewed models of some of the older models and I think it would really help them stand out of the crowd of newer creatures. Awesome Charcharo model as welll!
  7. Rates are working fine on Xbox. resources, taming, xp are doubled, Breeding cooldown is halved, egg hatching speed is faster, creatures raise faster and get more imprint in that 8 hour time frame. Just a friendly bit of advice: don't rely on the imprint timer to know if the event is working, they change/mess it up every time an event is active.
  8. Nice Copy paste. Anyways that wasn't at all what I was trying to imply. I think the game before hand was dogs#$t and to a large extent still is with all the bugs and how unplayable lost Island is right now. All I was trying to state was that the Devs, although they hardly answer any of our pleas, have been (slightly) more generous with the events that they have been dropping out for us, including the x2 breeding weekends. I didn't even play when the game came out as it was so garbage, I only started playing before Extinction and at that point I barely played due to how bad It was. And lets not even start with how Atlas started out. So before you try to post something funny and copy paste it to post it again either because you thought that it would improve how well the joke is or just didn't see your post, maybe try to consider what the person is trying to imply.
  9. Alright, I can see now that The things I said could've been better stated towards the community, I was writing it at a time where I was sleep deprived and cranky so I apologize for everything I said( no excuse I know so I will delete my post since it was poorly writen in the first place). As for what you said, I can wholeheartedly agree on everything. Gaming companies are getting away with too much to even seem legal at this point, and this game feels as if its got an equal number of bugs to the number of its player base. Its everyone's right to state their opinion on how they feel about the current state of the game and I apologize for saying otherwise. When I was trying to refer to "being more grateful" it wasn't so that everyone should just shut their mouths and just comply with the ever worse-growing bugs, I was more so trying to say that they have been (slightly) more generous with the events that they give to us now than before hand, I was more so considering it that this is a grinding game, which takes thousands of hours to even get close to end game progress, I myself am at nearly 5000 hours and am only just getting close to beating the final three bosses of extinction, gen one and two, so to get any event was a godsent in consideration to what little they gave us back before Covid hit the world. And I understand its frustrating when they don't ever seem to listen to what we plead for in the game (once again agreeing with what you've said about the Devs basically taking advantage of us), I haven't voiced many of the things I feel would improve the game as I feel that not only other people have asked but also because I feel that they wouldn't implement it anyways. I fully understand the point where the person I replied to may have other things going on in their life that may inhibit the amount of time, I too will be preoccupied and will hardly be able to enjoy even a day of it, all I was trying to say (even though I said it poorly) was that they have been more generous in terms of the length of the events than before. Once Again I apologize to whomever I may have offended, but consider through this reply at least why I said what I said.
  10. I understand that It isn't a whole lot of time to get a lot done, Especially since I'm coming from Official, but you have to consider that they are being a lot more generous with these events way more than they used too. We used to get Valentines event for 3 days. 3 DAYS. along with that most other events like Christmas were all x2, Summer bash didn't exist till 2020, and the weekend events that had raising increase that we experienced throughout last year would have never in a million years been expected from all the years before. So I think you ought to be a little more grateful that they are even giving us events like this, especially when they have to read comments from ungrateful brats like you. Edit: alright so as I've implied this in a reply post to someone else, I wrote this at a time where I wasn't thinking clearly so go check out the reply I made to Onimusha759 to see what I properly think of the situation. So in consideration to that I apologize to both Joedeadpool along with anyone else I may have offended for my poorly written response)
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