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  1. Thanks for much for posting your experiences with the Stryder , I've been wondering the same thing myself! Also, a nice fix for the speed is to pick up the resource extracter rig who also has the backpack equipped up with a Tek Skiff. Be warned building any objects on the Stryder may cause it to be unable to be picked up. But I found this was really awesome for flying it around the map (especially space) for resource gathering. It can be a bit annoying playing with it and the Skiff but it saves time. Also, movement speed is really solid. putting 10-20 point (I usually cap myse
  2. Its likely a glitch spot that you need a tame / cryopod to get in. Its not allowed on official.
  3. Very well said. I agree on all these points. I also agree with the frustration but looking at it without a bias helps to understand the changes a bit more , and imo none of them really *ruined* them in PVE. Its still a long range, fast killer. Its quite strong still. Its almost impossible to get hit by AI dinos if you play Starfighter mode with the saddle, so this being one of the safest and fastest dino's surely goes into account when it gets changed. The saddle nerf also, barely affects it in PVE. If you're in melee range as the Astro, i think you're using it wrong.
  4. I've been having this too, intentional or not on their part.
  5. Hi, I have this issue too. although I sourced mine as being the result of having it stuck in my Tek Skiff "Tractor Beam" the entire time I tamed it. I had to constantly feed it, until eventually the bug stopped happening on the current Dolphin. I think it stopped eventually from me flying around and shooting things and eating, but I also noticed that it only happened when I held Shift (Sprint button) while not transformed into "Star Wing" mode. Again this seems to only happen when I have it locked in my skiff tractor beam whilst taming it. I think its a bug with them being unable t
  6. I keep getting this too, although in a different manner. I "discover" them and get the explorer note buff, but I don't actually unlock them in my journal. There are however random entries that I have not actually found (Some of them are surely these ghost ones) in my log. This seems to happen when I'm flying , whether in Tek or on a Dinosaur. I'm sure its happening on the ground too because I have a strange amount of HLN-A logs that I know I have never discovered, or at least haven't heard her chime in to tell me the notes contents. I'm on unofficial PVP PC, if that matters. Hope t
  7. Thanks for the recap guys! Very excited for the release. Here's to hoping no more delays xP
  8. I am so excited for this. Shame its delayed by a week but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Thank you for the long journey you guys, I have been around since early access on Steam and I am amazed, shocked, and impressed how far this game has come. Hurdles aside, you guys have done an amazing job with this game and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a game I can enjoy with my brother. Best wishes!
  9. Again with the amazing teasers. I really cannot wait for Genesis Part 2, I'm sure I'm not the only one. Lots of great artwork this week too!
  10. Can't wait for Genesis Part 2, thanks so much for these teasers!
  11. I second this. I am unsure why Wildcard is so obsessed with making everything out of Wood. Furniture(Apparently power cables on the electrical generator lol) makes a bit of sense I suppose(even if i personally don't like the 3 items we have available)..But when it comes to this loadout device, wood feels like the wrong way to go on that front. Still a good looking feature, excited for it. Going to save me a lot of menu time thats for sure.
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