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  1. not trying to be agressive genuinely wondering why, since you don't seem to be at all connected to the game in any way. i apreciate you bringing your opinion in, but its kinda like a baker at a barbecue from what ive seen so far.
  2. we are pissed off about the cooldown, not the 25 person limit. its gonna be so boring getting fobbed by 75 dudes in 3 tribes by the same alliance while defending with 10-17 tops. unlimited slots im deffinitely not in favor for.
  3. yes. why are you even here dude... you don't seem to care or know about conquest even in the slightest... people here are passionate about actually having a decent season of conquest, the game they love to play. something crawled out of the trash bin looks like.
  4. WE WANT Cave building. WE DO NOT want 24 hour cooldown.
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