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  1. As maewing is aparently abnormal big compared to squirrel or platyfus we can expect that shadowmane will follow this style and will be probably size of an meganeura. As shafowmane eat only seeds developers made seeds spoilable to kill shadowmanes by stravation before humans join in genesis 2. So safety at first place, ty developers. This is just an official story but real reason with seeds is in something else. Developer who created gachas dont work for ark any more and anyone else dont know to change gachas to ignore other gachas in their vicinity and to make no need of 12 foundation distance between each other. So other dvelopers invented seed change as solution.
  2. - Please show who owns them (use spyglass) What use is from this statement? I always had hard time to see other players, dinos or structures names even if they don't move and i stand close in front of them. Now showing video or pic of a player name or dino when he move fast with spyglass is practically impossible specially if it looks all full of squares. Random example taken from chat for demonstration only:
  3. Must be simple. if you want to draw an Argentavis you need to ask WC who gave them permission to use it or to consult some scientific bases to find out who first discovered its existence in far past in order to ask for permission. Same for big spaceship in witch Gen 2 take place, there are several models of such ships with possible life and living inside published by various groups of scientists. As i don't believe that WC is going to reinvent hot water - there should be other authors of base model spaceship and life in it to ask for permission. Also maybe could be idea to ask some religious groups what they believe about who is author of life on Earth in order to ask for permission to use his intellectual propriety. But im afraid that you will have same problem as with WC -communication problem.
  4. You are right, nothing against your post, take it as a unlucky quote, sorry. Im just pissed on mode PVE is designed. Too much PVP elements in PVE Environment and all effort and fixes devs make is just cause of PVP. Few PVP elements in PVE or changes cause of PVP: -Anyone can turn off/on your ("locked") structures like campfire, forge, generator.. -Pilaring (mean also killing newcomers with cold and by starving them as they cant place campfire) you are too close to enemy foundation in PVE - mean not to friendly but enemy structure - making wild animals to attack your tames or structures, just to mention Extinction and stealing years of work in that way in PVE. - stealing from your storages/vaults/tek storages including hacking and finding other way to break structures -causing death and stealing avatar inventory -infinite ways of scam ( including also possibility tribe members have) -constant PVE nerfing devs do because of problems they have on PVP servers on tames abilities, on structures and other That is just few things our PVE vs Environment have. I believe that other gamers can add a lot more examples to it . Its basically PVP but it require a lot more courage, patience, imagination and determination than on real PVP servers.
  5. In few survived tames (1 therizinosaur and few owl) i found 7 corrupted giga heard. I guess it was a lot of work for "Environment" to kite them into underground forest to my base.
  6. - "we have disabled corrupted dino damage against all structures on PvE specifically. " Thank you and i hope that this time is true as patch notes v310.80 - 06/04/2020 that teleporting corrupted dinos was disabled was not true. After i lost base on extinction i gave up on Ark, losing base on isle and all dinos as non loging for long time. I did not wrote to support as support do not exist or even if exist such entity called support team then they have "internal policy" to suck monthly salary without doing anything. Thank you again but is a bit late your solution for me. Will be more careful before and if i buy Ark2.
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