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  1. One more suggestion i would put is to always show new windows on Active monitor(screen) instead of opening in saved position. I am constantly using multiple monitors, and sometimes i switch to just using one, and when I do try to open new window with 1 monitor setup, it opens the window out of bounds and I cannot move it. I have to reset the window position in config file to fix this.
  2. Hello MirageUK, first of all thanks for continuing updating for free your arkTool, really appreciate it. I just want to mention the bug that I have encountered, apologies if those were mentioned before. I have currently updated my tool build to version 3.10 at the writing of this post, and encountered the bug of when going into the player Explorer window, the "Player Inventory" tab appears to be empty. I think you mentioned that it has been fixed in version 3.0 but I looks like still experiencing this problem in 3.10
  3. Still it's a Tek suit which should only be accessible to the people defeating the boss. Also if you drop the federation set from your inventory and go to the drop, the game will spawn you a new one, so you can infinitely create copies of the entire set and then just transfer them.
  4. So this is more related to unofficial servers. Is it by design that you can join the gen2 map, get free tek suit set and transfer it to another map? Doesn't that defeat the entire process of learning the tek suit engrams and crafting the set?
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