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  1. We already have many Theropods and with the new Amargasaurus we have a suitable amount of Sauropods. With the addition of the new Dinopethicus we have a good amount of primates. Pterosaurs, birds, mammals, and insects are all represented well. We have two Ornithopods, Ceratopsians, and stegosaurians. We only have one Ankylosaurian (the Anky). It'd be nice to have another one of those or another Hadrosaur(parasaur). I know it's another Ornithopod but still.
  2. Also at this point, if a map has potential or creature mod such as Glacius, Fjiordur, Ark Additions, Additional Creatures, Prehistoric Beasts, or the TLC mods, I think the devs should add them, even if they have to be balanced out a little more. More creatures and maps adds way more diversity to the game, even though it doesn't lack any. OR implement many of these creatures to Ark 2.
  3. That new dinosaur is going to look so unique. It's abilities are out there, but I'd love to see what can be done with it.
  4. All I got to say is, I'm always pleased with the progress you're making. I don't get to play Ark as much as a lot of hardcore players. Got to work and enjoy life outside of videogames a little. Ark will always be one of my top favorite games. I expected the delay, in fact, I counted on it. You can only do so much to polish up your game for release. I really enjoy the game and the possibilities you all implement. I can't wait. On top of that, I am so happy you kept the tradition of adding a draconic creature to your main story (Minus gen pt 1). I feel like y'all made up for that when Crystal Is
  5. I love this. BUT the real question is, when the crap are y'all gonna release the title music. I love the summer bash tune.
  6. Real life Dino added huh? I think we're overdue for another sauropod. We've only got the Diplo, Bronto, and Titan. I'm hoping something like the Brachio (maybe not as OP as the Ark Additions version). My reasoning behind this is that we have a lot of fliers, a lot of theropods, and Herbivores. If not a Sauropod, I'm hoping for a Hadrosaur like the Lambeosaurus, or the Corythosaurus. For TLC I'd like to see the Carno, Mammoth, Dilo (make it bigger like actual dilo fossils), Dimorphs, Sabercat, Quetz, Meg, Plesio, Onyc, Araneo, Terror Bird, Pulmonscorpius, or Titanoboa be revamped. I feel like t
  7. @Chris Look, all I'm saying is the only thing I'm disappointed in is the fact that I can't find all the DLC main themes anywhere to purchase such as scorched, abb, extinction, rag (if there is one), etc or this one lol. I've been playing since console release. I sometimes forget how long that has been. What people don't understand is that every game has its own kinks, glitches, etc. I'm personally just happy y'all keep giving us content. I can ignore the bugs. I love this game.
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