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  1. Nubs Fibercraft is a pvp Xbox cluster that is wiping 9am est sept 19th, the cluster is a boosted fibercraft, max dino level is 420 many balancing changes are made to make this feel fun. This is going into season 4, so if u want to be apart of a fast growing Fibercraft with lots of pvp and raiding. Come check us out.
  2. I have opened many tier crates on a local no long neck bp have gotten a crafted on from missions but still no BP, I mean damn where is the ascendant bps in tier 3... don’t exist
  3. Can’t import Dino’s go back to your other map...
  4. Where the hell is genesis server 1299 I still can’t get back on it you pulled it off the list and we got 50+ people that was playing when you took it down and never came back up. Some these people had max characters and now poof they gone without even a response to what’s going on we open report server down but you got no genesis to select from. You pushed this back to get ready. This is not what ready looks like.
  5. Some servers not working after hot patch today So what’s going on with server Xbox 1299 Eu. Been a few hours still down can’t report an issue as you don’t have genesis added to your report server down lmao. Not patient.
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